Garmin Edge 1040 Released

Officially released:

Key training features:

  • Recommended power targets
  • Stamina Insights
  • Performance monitoring (VO2, Recovery time, Training load)
  • Training status (Productive, peaking or overreaching)
  • Suggested workouts
  • Sync training plans
  • Heat and altitude acclimation
  • ClimbPro (still appears to need a route or course to work)
  • Nutrition/Hydration alerts
  • Cycling dynamics

Battery life: 35hrs/70hrs (saver mode) on 1040 standard, 45hrs/100hrs on 1040 solar


Did the 1030 have the alarm? It says it will alert you if your bike moves. I like this idea and haven’t seen anyone mention it.

Only watched the DCR review so far. No mention if strava segments are working while navigating. Does anyone know?

Lack of device to device transfer sucks. Sure, I may not use it much but when I do a group ride and forgot to load the course it’s very useful. And since courses are the same between all devices it should work between x40 and x30 devices so easy to share with anyone

I wonder how much changed for connect iq (cpu speed, amount of memory it can take,…)


Do we know if this is going to be solar only? Zero point in having that where I ride, but I would like the bigger screen.

I guess it should mean some deals on the 1030 Plus though, so I could just get one of those.

Edit - Ahh, I see you can get non solar. That’s cool.

Tell me you didn’t look at any review without telling me directly…


With so much already covered by my Garmin watch, a lightweight minimalist bike comp from Garmin would be really attractive. At the moment I am sticking with my bolt, and having to record rides on both devices to keep the Garmin metrics relevant.

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I never do to be honest (some reviews are crazy long!). I did then check the Garmin site though. :stuck_out_tongue:


CPU speed seems to have improved significantly over the 1030 plus. In Ray’s review he did a side by side comparison - route calculation time on 1030 plus was 1m58s, on the 1040 it was 1 second.


I think only an incident alarm, although I’ve never set it up after scaring my parents to near death when I tried to set it up on the tiny 130 :joy:

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530 has this, so I’d be surprised if the 1030 didn’t - it’s an option when you long press the power button > Sleep/Alarm/Power off

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I agree. It was a great feature for those last minute things. They changed one of the Gravel Locos routes at like 7pm the night before the ride. I saw multiple people sharing the new route at the start.

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So either the 1040 is 100 times faster or more asynchronous in how it does the calculations. Being 100 times faster seems very unlikely which is why I said more info is needed


Interesting. I don’t see it on the 1030+

1030 alarm:

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Yes the 1030 had the alarm. I used it a few years ago on a long trip. Scared someone off who was playing with my bike

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while it is crazy battery I am going to wait for a 840 hopefully at some point. My 530 still works 100% fine so even then I don’t need to upgrade at this point. Really just to spend $$ to spend it for me.


Same as before. If navigating a Strava Route, you’ll see Strava Segments no problem.

But if navigating anything else, you won’t see them. :frowning:


Is there some trick to it? I tried that on my 1030+ and it didn’t work. I created a route on strava, starred segments I wanted to target, loaded the route via the connect iq app and started riding. The route did load, but segments didn’t pop up at all.