Galena 3x20min Sweet Spot Early in Plan

So I’m on the half iron man low volume plan. Currently week 5. Later on today I’m scheduled for Galena which is 3 x 20mins at 90-94% FTP.

Looking back on the programme and the sweet spot work done to date, this seems like quite a full on session. I’ll do it, don’t get me wrong (definitely not making excuses) but I’m questioning whether it’s the right session to do at this point in my progression.

Most of the sweet spot sessions so far have been limited to up to 40min sweet spot in a single session(mainly 32mins), with one session at 5x10mins sweet spot a couple of weeks ago. 3x20 therefore seems like a substantial jump.

Should I just get on with it? Have a 18km run tomorrow and mindful of overdoing it today.

Probably :grinning:

How did you get on with Antelope and Pioneer? Pioneer is at fractionally lower intensity (around 84-85% FTP) with no rests. So if you completed that ok I’d expect you’d be fine with Galena.


Did you use plan builder or just go for the straight up half distance plan? Because Galena usually comes in week 3, not week 5?

Should have said week 3. Got mixed up with the fact it’s week 5 of the year. Should have started my plan on January 1st! :thinking:

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Nailed both workouts at the target TSS. Hadn’t really looked at Pioneer as being that tough, but on reflection and a quick look back to last week’s stats, it’s a fairly decent sustained effort. Put a 14km hike in afterwards as well so reckon I’ll be fine today.

I’ll get on with it. :sunglasses: