Excluding current workout when comparing workout power curve with custom season

Hi Team,

First of all, thanks for the awesome product!

I was comparing the power curve of my last ramp test to the power curve over my current custom-defined season. As this workout belongs to the date-range of my custom season, the power curve for the season has already been updated to include the ramp test. This makes it difficult to compare the improvement wherever we set a new power pb in the current workout.

A hack is to add the power curve over a custom date-range that excludes the date of the workout, but it’s not super user-friendly.

Therefore I was thinking that it would be handy to have a checkbox “Include current workout” in the pop up window that appears when we want to add a custom date range. I guess you could easily check if the workout belongs to the selected date range and only show the checkbox in this case.

I attach a quick-and-dirty mockup just to make what I’m talking about a bit clearer.

Thanks again and sorry if this feature already exists and I missed it :slight_smile:


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Agree, I think I would definitely like this feature.

I always like looking at new PR’s and comparing them to what they were before.

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