Feature Request: Ability to Mark a Custom Workout as a "Test" so AT ignores it and no post ride survey

For those of us to do different “tests” than the three canned TR tests - Ramp, 8 minute, and 20 minute - it would be great if there was a way to mark these workouts as “Test” so that AT ignores them + just like with TR tests, there wouldn’t be a post-ride survey, as theoretically all tests should be “all out”

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Do you not get the option to accept or reject the result?

It’s not a question of accepting or rejecting the result. I want AT to understand that a certain workout is a test, and to ignore it. There are power levels in these workouts, but the power levels are purely guides / targets.

  • As of now, any completed workout (excluding outside unstructured one) is automatically included in the Progression Level changes, which drives AT.

  • There is no option to accept, reject or exclude any workout from AT other than to delete it. And at least currently, the initial impact from a completed workout means immediate changes to related Proregression Levels. Even deleting the related workout after the fact does not trigger a reset to the prior PL.

  • Maybe it should or could be. Your example is relevant, but we’ve seen many other cases where people wanted to exclude a given workout for any number of reasons.

  • Nothing in this area is “easy”, but possibly the easiest solution is a direct option for any and all workouts to be included or excluded from AT. This could be somewhat like the way TR handles workouts with respect to personal records and such.

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I’m all for combining this with other requests to have a single way to exclude a specific workout from AT. Ideally excluded workouts would get some king of icon to visually indicate they’ve been excluded. This would also help make sure that you’ve only excluded those workouts you meant to exclude, and on the flip side, didn’t miss excluding a workout you meant to exclude.

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Ahh right I see. Are you opposed to ANY changes in PLs or the resetting of them?

If the former couldn’t you do the 8 and 20 min test disguised in another workout. Eg for the 20min test could be a 20 min interval at 102-105%?

But I see what you mean, thankfully for me I do 2 tests 2 days apart and only take the longer test result, discarding ramp as an FTP number.

No. I’m doing max efforts of varying length - yesterday was 20 minutes, today was 3 minutes - to fill “holes” where the WKO5 PDC model diverges most from actual max efforts. So repurposing the existing TR test workouts would be difficult as I would have to remember how long the interval is supposed to be, and make sure I’m not doing less time all out. Plus for very short - e.g., 30 seconds - the protocol is to do 2 efforts separated by a specific rest period.

+1 from me - I use a custom workout as my FTP assessment and it adjusts my threshold PL much higher than it should be, even post me adjusting my FTP based on how I do on the assessment

Would love a way to have it ignored or skipped from AT!

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All, I checked with the team. Allowing more flexibility to exclude specific workouts from AT is on our roadmap! It’s a lower priority than some more immediate and widely-impactful improvements, but it is on the to-do list. :white_check_mark:


Hopefully “on the to do list” is higher up than “prioritized items” :thinking: :laughing:

Not ideal…but do the tests in ‘Free Ride’ would work wouldn’t it?

Would it work? Yes. Am I going to do that? No. I would need to write down the warmup sequence, max effort, etc. and add a lot of cognitive load on top of what is already a really hard workout.

Do you work in software industry? Maybe we can start a thread and tell personal tales of how long we’ve seen stories can sit in backlog :joy:

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:thinking: :laughing: :rofl:

Yes. I’m currently at ServiceNow (5 1/2 years) and previously I was at VMware (4 years), plus I did a stint at a startup during the first dotcom boom.

I’ve been continuously working in engineering software tools and services industry for 30+ years. At some companies we had a backlog of over 5,000 items/stories. It is what it is.

Teams really need to implement a “Will not fix” / “Will not add” status to kill off epics / stories / problems that just aren’t going to be addressed. If you don’t plan on doing something, be honest about that, instead of having an endless backlog of items that will never get addressed.

This may not help, but I’m doing 100% custom workouts, so Adaptive Training plays no role in workout choice. I also turned it off on my home page. I don’t think it takes into account the increased recovery time needed as a “senior” athlete. I did sweet-spot base LV this fall, and it kept turning down intensity when the problem wasn’t intensity, but insufficient recovery.

Anyone wanting to get a mild idea of the list TR has on their hands:

That is a search on TRSW category, FR tag, and OPEN topics only (not including Closed ones that are either duplicated or completed). It is like the Energizer bunny… it keeps on going and going…

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I wish TR would add tags like “Planned”, “Fixed” (bugs), “Won’t Fix”, etc. and be honest. Not everything can get done, or aligns with strategy. Just be honest.

I get the request, but are there really examples of this in other industries… more specifically in the fitness app industry?

Essentially, this leads to company direction in many cases, and not many seem to disclose that level of info to the public.