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Firstly, congratulations on the new calendar. It looks like I’ll finally be able to stop using a certain “other” product and consolidate all of my training in one place!

My question relates to the Personal Records graph. Whilst riding outdoors I often get spikes on my power meter that are obviously way outwith my capabilities. Would it be possible to introduce functionality allowing me to remove these without getting rid of the entire ride?

Keep up the great work!


You can exclude the entire ride from your personal records by clicking on the three dot menu on your ride online then details then uncheck personal records.

What you can’t do yet is remove specific power spikes from your data. We haven’t figure out a good UI to make this easy. Any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe something on the power graph that would bring up outlier detection on the time series data. Anything detected could be highlighted and the user would be able to click to deselect anything they knew was a legit effort. Accepting changes could then use local smoothing to take that spike out of the time series.

I was just going to post and request a way to fix power spikes, then saw this. Most of my power spikes are in TR sessions (but then the number I’ve done that is not surprising.)
I have and can fix them in WKO, Golden Cheetah, TP but not TrainerRoad. I have excluded some rides from PRs but that isnt a viable solution as it can mean excluding ‘real’ PRs in the same ride / session. Sadly my PR sprint chart is nonsense in in TR. It is a shame as I love the season match feature.

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How would you like to exclude them? Exclude everything lower than “X”? Select them then mark them for deletion?

Hi @Nate_Pearson in TR when reviewing a ride we can zoom in on the power chart and see what we did over the selection. Could you just add the option to remove selection from PRs? Appreciate it could mean you need to select multiple portions of a ride if your PM has been playing up but I think it would be a nice approach?

It could also mean when reviewing the PR chart if you click on the offending PR it could take you to that selection of the ride for you to select it for removal. Hope my description makes sense.

Golden Cheetah highlights abnormalities in power & cadence in the second by second power table, you can just over type them. I use an average from the last good data point to the next data point that looks correct. This is on a file by file basis.

WKO runs a report (think it is a report) and highlights anything 5% default? above x. This is on all rides. They are shown with the highest value spike first. You click on a ride to go to the file and it highlights the spike on the power graph, can then just change the power to the surround ‘good’ data levels. There is a youtube video on it to get a better idea of what im trying to describe.

Anyway, something on the power graph? Drag the spike down to surrounding levels. All mine have been clearly bad data spikes. Example Pettit at 60 - 65% and then a 1 second spike of 1800w followed by a period at of 1-2 second at zero before returning to the constant 'ish say 65% something like 188 watts

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new calendar and forum look great

love the personal record info but for the life of me i can’t figure out what the notation:

“2019 Race x 249” means on certain rides

can anyone explain…


That makes sense.

How do you feel about the data not being recoverable once you delete it?

IE, you select it, you click delete, you get a warning about it not being recoverable, then you confirm and it’s gone.


You could do that or I was thinking it is just excluded from PRs like you can with any ride at present.

Either would work for me :+1:

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First of all: I absolutely love the PR chart, it has helped me so much with pacing! Sadly I also struggle with power/cadence spikes that mess up my power PRs. A best (in class :wink:) solution would be to mark the spike and click “leave out from PRs”. Second best solution would be to delete the power/cadence data for the spiked section. The data is incorrect anyway, so the only value in it is for troubleshooting the power meter with the manufacturer. I guess all of us have the data in Garmin Connect (or similar alternatives), so If we wanted to get the data back we could always reimport the activity manually.

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Got it, I’ll review this with our designers and see if they have an idea.


^ Agree 100% ^
The functionality to find and highlight spikes aready exists, just tried it, so then I guess the question what the best thing to do about the spike and how do you implement it.

I like the simplicity of power smoothing in Golden Cheetah. If I get power spikes in the data, I smooth it out by setting a maximum wattage and any data point in the ride over that number is changed to that number. I usually choose a high number, but not higher than my previous 1 sec power record.

+1 to this. Select data in the ride file and be able to delete it.

Agree as well. The option to remove an entire ride from PR or part of a ride would be the best outcome. How do you feel about data not being recoverable? Well, we are talking about power numbers that didn’t happen in reality, so I don’t have a problem with it being gone forever. For users that don’t want that a) just omit the whole ride as you can do now b) don’t change anything and live with fakenews in your PR records c) download the power file using current functionality for archival and make the changes as needed

The ability to delete sections that are obviously in error, as per suggestions above, would be a good one to have. This would also be useful for circumstances in which there is a drop in connection between power meter and app. And, importantly for me, it would enable me to discard dead time – coffee, lunch stops – from the elemnt record of an outside ride.

If you view your ride online, click on the three dot menu on the right. You can then exclude that ride from personal records.

But what we don’t have is the ability to remove just partial parts of a ride. I think we can do that. I want to do some calendar updates that I think are higher priority before we do this though.


It means you made 249 PR’s! I know, it sounds crazy, but PR’s now are in teeny increments. 1 second, 2 second, etc…I don’t know exactly, but it give a ton of increments. I miss the list of PR’s.

Thanks Sophie_B. That makes sense. I also like the old format, but these new charts have a lot of useful info!