Fun with TR training analytics...what's this number for all forum members?

Take your best 1 minute power from your last ramp test. Now go to your ‘personal records’ page and place your cursor on the right hand side of that chart…move the cursor from left to right on the chart until you see the 1-minute power number from your last ramp test…

What’s the duration? In other words, what’s the longest you’ve ever held an average power that equals the best 1 minute power from your last ramp test?

For me, IT AIN’T LONG! 3:32.

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3:50 here

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Lol 18 seconds is the difference between “it ain’t long” and “animal”? Haha

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longest…18 seconds…ever


Hmm so this is a fun one… I haven’t done a ramp test this year, so I went back to my personal best ramp test (Sept 2018) that estimated ftp at 247W.

That 3:59 was during an INSCYD field test this year (2020) when my FTP was estimated at 234W - a full 5% less than that best ramp test!

I’ve commented about this before - counterintuitively all the extra z2 work before the INSCYD test improved my short power!

p.s. because looking at ramp data within 2018 and 2019 seasons, my best is under 3 minutes.

In other words, how long can you hold 133% of your ramp-tested FTP?

For me, 4:20.


22mins 55sec but that was just pre my op in March last year. This year I’ve only held it for 5mins (also a ramp test, 18 July).

11:50 @ 366
ya im going through a rebuild haha. what’s even more concerning is my peak 1min @ 702w and im nowhere near that currently.

Exactly 2mins. I win!

Oh wait…:thinking:


My summer ramp was wrong so I used my spring ramp: 3:30.

But my actual 1min max is 43% higher than my ramp 1min max.


Just under 2 minutes. Even Andy C calls me a noob for 5seconds and 60 second durations. But I am not ashamed.

My aerobic self starts to shine, according to, immediately thereafter, and even Andy C thinks I’m a cat 3 by the 5 minute power profile… And I can’t think of any recent time I’ve ever gone all out for 5 minutes… the 5 minute blow out before a 20 minute FTP test is the highest value I can find.

What does this tell me? Well, that I’m probably not a sprinter, and certainly not a false flat sprinter, but that I shouldn’t be all that concerned on race day about hanging with the group.

Oh, hell, I’ve got Palisade tomorrow, and it starts with a 3 minute SS warmup - I should probably aim for 135% for those three minutes, right? Then roll into the long overs with short under?

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11:05 earlier this year :muscle:

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The ramp test has stopped working for me for the moment. My last one sucked even though I’m powering up the steep streets in my area and finishing workouts at 15-20w above.
For context I was not a cyclist for 20 years so my legs have had to adapt over the last 3 years. This means lots of noob gains that throw off numbers.

Last ramp was 215 on the Neo2. I hit 226 at the beginning of the recovery week and the threshold workouts feel good at 230 so I’ll go with 226. 226÷0.75=301w.
2019 leading into XCM races came up with 5:25 minutes. Stuff knows what it matters.
214 NP and 181 AVG for just shy of 5.5hrs was what put a smile on my dial. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not from ramp test but longest I have held 133% of my FTP recently is 3m40s.

Not surprising. Ramp 1 min max is 133% of FTP. Nominal 1 min max effort is around 200%.

I need to pull up the ramp that underestimated FTP by 30+W :rofl:

2:40 is pretty common for me when doing it that way, except for this Spring when I did a lot of z2 + some sweet spot and got 3:59.

That was based off my last test. Am due to ramp test next week so will be interesting to see if I can bring that time closer

2:15. :frowning: