Extending time at FTP - 1 hour power as % of FTP

The recent thread about the last 1 minute of the ramp test (Fun with TR training analytics...what's this number for all forum members?) and how long you can hold it got me thinking. One goal going into this winter block is not only to raise my FTP, but extend the time I can hold FTP efforts in an attempt to get close to holding it for an hour or at least increase my 1-hour power. So I thought of two metrics using your power duration curve: longest time at current FTP, and 1-hour power as a % of current FTP.

For me:
FTP 301W
Power duration for 301W: 24:20
1-hour power/FTP: 271/301 = 90%

Which makes me realize I need to get better at holding FTP efforts. Interested to hear other people’s numbers.


My best (doing a few zwift races over the past few weeks) has been 92 percent for the hour, but I’ve done like 93-94% for 50mins in a couple of events, and 95% for 40mins. I wanted to get as close to 100% as I could, but it wasn’t to be. But I’m still happy with staying high for the hour.

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Last year I held my current FTP (249w) for 45mins in the middle of chemotherapy. This year I have only held it for just over 42mins. For an actual hour, I did just 3w less than my FTP mid chemo last year and this year 22w less. I was definitely stronger mid chemo :thinking:


I did a 40k TT at FTP in 1:08. So… 100% I guess.


Sounds like someone needs to retest. Nice work.


Nah. I go much over FTP and I pop pretty quick. FTP is (was, off-season is real) at 255 20 min is at 270. And it doesn’t really matter what my FTP is at the moment because I’m not really doing any threshold work. Hopefully bags of z2 and strength work during the off-season shakes enough things loose that I can bump the FTP a bit and rebuild the TTE.



O lordy. You are going to have a lot of success. I mean, if you do the work and remain consistent.

It’s gonna be a blast when everybody thinks your ftp has stalled out but you ride them off your wheel. Then you can screw with their heads at the coffee shop while you faux complain about how your FTP has really hit a plateau.


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Your FTP isn’t 301 watts.


Exactly. At a minimum, a good coach would disabused him form that notion quickly. H


I’m confused.

do sustained power build and 40k tt specialty. I did and by the end I did workout unicorn -2 (over 98% for 1hr). Retested shortly after and gained ~4% on FTP.

I’m not confused, makes perfect sense given it’s based on a ramp test :popcorn:



@CaptainThunderpants back in March I did a 20-min test at 256W average power (and 252 for 23:01 because of false start). From the past I know 95% is a good estimate, so 256 * .95 = 243W FTP.

Then partly because of the false start, 9 days later I went out to verify that estimate and ended up doing 51:42 at 244 NP and 243 average. That was pretty much done on feel and 2nd half was right at my threshold HR (another confirmation I paced it right).

So that would be:

  • 243W estimated FTP from 20-min
  • 51:42 at 243W just over a week later
  • 100% of estimate

304W FTP, based on highest average power for 20’ (320W) in a 23’30" Zwift TT on Tempus Fugit.
Averaged 317W for the entire duration (had a mental dip after 20’ but ramped up again for the last 1’30" haha).

A week later I did a 67’ “road race” on Zwift and averaged 285W, 292W NP. Went early at 5-600m to go and held 550-600W to the line. Wasn’t all-out for the entire duration because of tactics and group dynamics. 295-300W should definitely have been possible if needed.

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So you honestly believe that everyone’s ftp is the same percentage of their 1 min max from a ramp test? That is just a starting point, and the evidence here suggests it is set too high.


So you mean the ramp test may not present your ftp?

I have been doing 20mins tests for 2 years to see my ftp. But this season i will try to do it by doing ramp test (easy to repeat and less demandin’ etc.). But if it is not true estimation, then i should go with 20 mins again. :frowning:

I thought my comment made it pretty obvious I think the ramp test is baloney.


While i can tell now you’re being sarcastic, there are many who will argue till blue in the face that the testing number is appropriate.

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20 minute test protocol is better than a ramp test but still not great. Have a read of this article:

Then if you’re brave enough take a dive into the corresponding thread on here:


Hence my popcorn emoji :wink: