Hello! Introduction and Ramp Test Question

Hello all!

Just started my first couple rides on TR and really loving it. Want to become MUCH faster than I am and I think I’ve chosen the right tool for that job!

One quick question: I did the ramp test in ERG mode on my TacX Flux S, and ended up getting till minute 25 before giving up reaching the interval of 265… The ftp I got was 196. Shouldn’t it be higher than that? Or is there some other variable in the calculation besides how long you were able to go. Just want to make sure to have the right ftp to base my trainings off of.

Anyways… looking forward to many weeks of training.


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IMO that looks right. Ramp rests take some 75"ish" % of your final minute average power to determine FTP.


Ok thank you… I suppose easy enough to do a quick 20 minute test on Zwift to compare.


Great idea! Or better yet…just set the power to whatever you think you’re FTP is and see how long you can last. Then you’ll know for sure.

What was your FTP set at, in the app, for the test? Must’ve been much lower if you were in Erg and lasted that long

If I’m not mistaken, when you are new to TR they calculate a FTP based on your gender and weight, which of course was too low for the OP.


And some sort of self-reported activity level, IIRC? My first estimate was like 65, my first ramp took over half an hour, and I trained with that number for the full six weeks of SSB1LV and it was fine. Other mileage may vary, as always.

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My god :rofl:

I don’t remember getting asked anything to be honest :sweat_smile:, the gender and weight thing was mentioned in another thread, so you are very likely correct.

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I MEAN it was almost two years ago now, they may have pulled it.

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I started in January 2019, so around the same time as you. However, I already kind of knew my FTP from Zwift so I may have skipped the “questionnaire”, but my memory is pretty bad.

Hey there… Was auto set at 160.

I suppose that makes sense that if it was set low then it would take longer for me to finish.

So what would be a more accurate way to arrive at my ftp?

25min isn’t such a long test that I would think it would affect the result too bad. I’ve seen people post that they had a 35+min test before and that would be a different story. It might have resulted in a slightly lower FTP but not by enough to worry about.

I would start training with the 196 number and see how it feels.

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Yep, absolutely. Was interested to know how low. Rather than do a 20 min on Zwift would be better placed to redo a ramp test now the FTP is nearer the mark.

Makes sense. Will do next week.

My third training session was Ebbetts… Was definitely challenging but doable…

So I’m probably not far off my mark.