Full triathlon plan

I’m racing IM Maryland in Sept. is there a way to make the full triathlon high volume plan end on Sept 28 in the calendar and it back fill the base, build and specialty or do I have to work backwards from that date filling each phase with its own start and end date?

It just takes minutes to backward schedule it

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It’s not that much work to backward schedule it does it?

If you don’t want to do it yourself, send me your credentials and I’ll do it for you. Off course charging my normal hourly rate for that :wink:

Off course it would be easy if TR woukld support that, because you want to focus on the date of the race. But normally you build your training season from where you currently are.

I put in SSB 1 & 2, build and specialty for IM Switzerland in July. Almost came out perfectly, but the taper week is 1 week beyond race day. When it gets close, I’ll just delete the workouts in the week prior and replace them with the workouts for the taper week. I don’t know if there is another method.

I do my race on 22/09 and started yesterday on base (then build and speciality)
So normally, if I am correct, start scheduling next week :wink:

While we do not currently support backfilling the Base, Build, and Specialty phases in one single step, we do support the ability to schedule each individual phase according to its end date.

When adding your Specialty Plan to the Calendar, you can schedule it to end on the date of your A race by entering your race date into the “End Date” field. It will then automatically backfill the Specialty Phase according to that end date.

You can then repeat this process for the Build and Specialty Phases :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for all the replies. Yes that is what i did, entered each phase from the end date and worked backward to get to the start of my base phase in a few weeks.
Just wondered if i were missing something. Seems that if you were using the whole plan you could enter it from your future race date and if would populate it backwards to the point you would start the base plan, but no worries, I’m set.

Bryce, can you go back and change it like that? Or once it’s in, it’s in?

The thing is, cycling plans on TR aren’t that firmly tied to one another, e.g. you could follow sweet spot base by one of a variety of build programs, depending on where you’re going. The feature you suggest might only make sense to triathletes, and then it wouldn’t save that much time anyway (as others have noted).

Also, you may want to put some air between the 3 plans (or at the end) to account for sickness, holiday breaks, etc. You can always push weeks forward or back, along with the rest of the plan, as you go along. I started the Half Ironman Base 28 weeks before my A race: 24 weeks of scheduled training throughout the three consecutive plans, two week-long skiing trips, one week-long tri camp and an extra week for sickness or unexpected travel, or just in case I wasn’t able to train properly through the May vacation.