Plan from your "A" race back to the starting date made easy

My suggestion would be that you enable the user to select the “A” race date instead of the start date for the training plan and have the Calendar back feed out from there. This could be an alternate button for setting up your training schedule so that you know the drop dead last day to start the final training block. Even possibly allow you to select three consecutive training plans Base - Build - Specialty all at once to give you a real look at what the optimal duration looks like in a quick and easy way to generate your starting date.


You can do this already. Chose a plan and then use the end date on your “A” race. It then back populates. Then continue on just choosing the plan’s end dates and the previous weeks auto fill in. You don’t ever have to choose a start date for a plan.


That’s awesome! Thank you for pointing that out, I didn’t even notice that option!

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May be my English is too poor buth I don´t see any option of Autofill in. I can just select a Speciality Plan of 8 week with the end date of my “A” race…but now I have a “hole” between May and now.

Before I had planned a Base-Built-Speciality Plan than more ore less suits me although I have doubts about the Volume since my “A” race is 200 km climbing… and I was wondering if these autofilling could see how low I am now in my form and arrive to 80 CTL…

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There is no auto fill button. Instead of planning your calendar working forward, I’m just saying plan it working backwards from your A race. So only chose your plan’s end dates on the calendar.

So choose Specialty end date on your A race. Then choose the Build’s end date the week before your Specialty begins. Then choose the Base’s end date the week before Build begins.

TR can’t automatically know what plans you want, so you have to choose the end dates for each plan/phase working backwards.

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Thanks for the explanation… I though I was missing any newfeature.

It might be worth starting Base a week early. “Life” whether it is illness, travel, etc. has a habit of intervening in training plans, and having a week up your sleeve to cope with unanticipated events gives you some flexibility.


What about if I want to do an event 15 weeks out, and thats not long enough for base, build, speciality. What about if it then compresses (or lengthens) the plans to fit?

Base is 12 weeks.
Build is 8 weeks.
Specialty is 8 weeks.

Nothing is automatic. Generally you want to include all of Base and as much of the other phases as possible.

In your case, that’s full Base, 2 weeks of Build and a 1 week taper (borrowed from week 8 of a Specialty).

Grabbing Week 8 from Specialty would be the best bet since it retains the intensity while cutting back the volume. Week 4 of Build will cut back both volume and intensity, which could leave you feeling flat on race day.


Awesome. Thanks for the review and correction.

That makes sense considering the first is pure recovery while the second is the dedicated race prep.

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