How to prepare from a race date backwards with TR?

I am brand new to TR, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to prepare for my races by planning backward. If I know the date of the race, what is the BEST way to train for it by scheduling it backward? It looks like the traditional base is 12 weeks; the build phase is eight weeks; the specialty phase is eight weeks. Does that mean I need to calculate twenty-eight weeks ahead of my race?

Also, in the offseason, is it smart to extend the base phase through January?

Lastly, after I race, where would I begin again? I usually do crits but also want to focus on TT’s and RRs. I’m looking for some support as I start my winter training. Thanks for any help!

Start by watching the Calendar introduction video shot earlier this week.

Then you can also look at the other instructions:

Essentially, you can start by applying your plan backwards. Start by setting your Specialty phase to end on the event week you target. Setting the end date of the plan.

Then scroll up in the calendar to the start of the Specialty. Add the Build plan to end on the empty week before the Specialty phase.

Repeat for the Base plans. That will set your official start date for the whole setup.

You can then push or pull weeks of the plan to shift as needed for breaks, illness and such.


hi Chad. Related to this question…

When can you start doing the local weekly crits?

I understand first base phase, then build phase, then speciality phase, then A race. But what about the B/C races along the way? Just do them as they pop up or do them during the build phase?

Appreciate the hard work you guys do here.

Fit in B and C races whenever you want or need to add them.

Do so with 2 things in mind:

  1. Understand your current place in your overall training picture. Do this so you have some expectation of your current fitness in light of what may be possible in the race.
  2. Adjust your training plan as needed to account for the race. Often, this means you will drop a planned TR workout in favor of the specific race event. Couple that with the ability to shift workouts on the calendar to make sure you have good recovery and rest planned.

Does that help?

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outstanding help - thank you!

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