Eating while training?

I guys just wanna know if you eat when you do those 1.5 - 2Hours training? The before and after meal are on point but not sure if i’m suppose to fuel during those hard intervals training, note that I can complete all of them with a FTP on the high side only drinking water.

1 hour: I don’t eat
1h30: sometimes a bar
2h: 1 to 2 bars, sometimes a gel. Like to test some stuff then.

Always watter as drinks


Hi There

not much really, usually before my long weekend workouts I have raisins or peanut butter before the workout

Water, for sure. Typically with my mix

The testing idea is great :+1:t2:

Your mix is mostly electrolyte?

One date every break between longer intervals or clusters of short intervals: 66,5 kcal, 18 g carbs, 0,4 g protein, 0 g fat.


Correct. skratch

For two hours, on bike

750ml water with powerbar iso mix
750ml water

Might do a milk+whey drink afterwards, particularly if I’m training again later in the day.

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Look at you expected caloric expenditure to guide your fueling needs.


I have food for 1.5-2 hour rides for sure. Dual purpose: reward and fuel. I have an iron stomach, so sometimes it’s a clif bar, other times some ginger snaps, PBJ, half a burrito… :flushed:

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Typically on anything more than one hour I will. For sweet spot work I usually eat a Clif Bar by eating a small piece between each set. I’m not sure what is in the Blueberry Crisp version but I feel great after eating them. I also do one water bottle with Skratch and one with just water.

For an hour or less just water or water plus electrolytes


Cool I like dates… i’ll give It a try next time

If it’s a 1800cal expected which % you try to cover (eating) during the training?

The secret is in the Blueberry crisp :wink:

Anything more than an hour then electrolyte drink and maybe a bar.
Upto one hour then just water.
Recovery drink after a hard session only.


Eat like you would during a race.

As I get closer to an event this means I’m doing gels, skratch hydration, and bars or bloks.

When I’m further out from a race and less worried about training my stomach to take on a gel 60 seconds before a VO2 interval I’ll eat healthier stuff like a sweet potato or dates - but as I get closer I’m eating and drinking exactly what I’ll eat during my races


My strategy has varied a lot over time… right now, doing traditional base, I will stick with water for recovery workouts of an hour or less… but otherwise I have been favoring a bottle of Gatorade (powder, recommended concentration, 20oz of water) per hour. Now in Traditional Base III there are some sweet spot workouts too, but I haven’t done my first one yet so I’m not sure what I’ll need.

However, my rule of thumb is to feel good, not to make it hard on myself, and not to see what the minimum is. I would love to get more fat adapted, but I really like @Nate_Pearson’s take on that - just raise your FTP, so that whatever wattage you’re targeting, it’s still a more aerobic and less glycolytic effort than it used to be. (Plus I have a long way to go raising my FTP…)


On the trainer water up to 1.5h, energy drink for 2h (which I rarely do)

On the road same thing, take food for anything longer than 3h

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I love using dates as fuel! I have used them during my last two 70.3 races. I alternated between dates and gels.


The general rule is intake 30% of caloric expenditure per hour. So for your 1800 cal I assume that is more than a 1 hour workout, probably 2 hours or so, I would aim for 270 cal per hour. Mind you that everyone is very different and yours may be different

I personally agree that for under an hour I don’t eat usually, just electrolytes, but over the one hour I need to eat or my focus and power suffers.

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