FTP Testing: what’s the difference?

What’s the rationale behind the ramp versus an 8 or 20 minute test of FTP? What are the differences? I apologize if this has been beat to death.

The 8 and 20 minute tests require you to know how hard you can go without falling apart. If you’re too conservative, you might under-test; too aggressive, you can’t complete the assessment. You get better at this with practice, but even after doing a fair number I would still “fail” about one out of four attempts.

The ramp test eliminates the pacing: you follow the instructions until you can’t anymore. Then you’re done.

The ramp test is also quick, and doesn’t feel as intimidating. So the idea is people will be less likely to avoid assessing.

You can find lots of opinions about how “accurate” it is. But it undeniably offers a consistent way to gauge progress and anchor the intensity of your workouts.

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Some reading and watching for you:


Good to hear. I’ve not tried the 8 or 20 to this point, and don’t mind the ramp. I’ll stick with it fir now. Thanks guys!

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For me, the ramp test is the least hated of the tests.