Ramp Test vs 8min Test

Has anyone compared FTP derived from Ramp Test vs FTP derived from 8min Test.

In prior seasons I’ve used 8min but have switched to Ramp this year. Curious if the results are comparable and I’m trying to avoid doing an 8min Test myself.

They vary depending what type of rider you are. Some people are incredibly good at pushing themselves anaerobically so excel at the ramp test, some are brilliant at pacing so can eek every last bit of power out of the 20 minute test. But for the average rider who gives a good honest effort, either test should give a good idea of your FTP. And remember you can always alter it later if you find it feels too low or high.

As Spencer said, different athletes respond differently to the Ramp Test. Because of this fact, our Beta Testers ran through 5000+ individual Ramp Tests and we used their feedback to set the new forumla right in the middle of the normal distribution curve. What this means is that no one’s results should stray too far from what they would have gotten on the 8 minute test.

In other words, you can let yourself off the hook and let the 8 minute test fade into memory :slight_smile:


Last week, I did a ramp test on Thursday and a 20 minute test on Saturday. Ramp put me at 243 and the 20 minute test put me at 245. I did the 20 minute test mostly on feel so I wasn’t shooting for the same number by any means. Surprised how close they were. The ramp test is less pain for sure :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for feedback all. Good to know I can stick to the Ramp Test!

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One thing I’ve noticed is that the ramp test actually kind of contains an 8 minute test. If you look at your best 8-minute power from a ramp test, it’s not far off what it would be for an 8-minute test at the same FTP. For instance, from my ramp test yesterday:
1 minute power: 402 --> FTP of 302
8 minute power: 342 --> FTP of 308

Granted, I only did the 8 minute test once, and it was paced very differently than a real 8 minute test. This is pretty consistent the other times I have done the ramp test. I stayed at or near target for all the intervals until failure.

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