Is it a stupid idea to pre-fatigue for a ramp test?

I tend to over-test on the ramp test. I had a few times when I couldn’t complete the workouts that followed an FTP update. To remedy that, I resorted to full one hour FTP tests, which worked perfectly from a workout intensity point of view, but they do take a lot out of you, and I feel like I needed several days to recover after doing one. Plus they are absolutely horrible :grinning:. So now I started thinking about using the ramp test, but pre-fatiguing by doing a five minute effort at 110% beforehand, like with a proper 20 min test. Would it give me a more realistic estimate of FTP, or is it a retarded idea? :grin: Your thoughts please.

Rather than that, why not continue to do the ramp test but instead of accepting a new FTP based on 75% of your peak 1 min power (which is what you get as standard), find a lower multiplier (say, 72%) that works better for you?


Or go with the middle of the road 20min FTP test?

I was in a similar boat as you and switching to the 20 minute test fixed it for me.

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I just don’t ramp test. :man_shrugging:

With the new adaptive training, that problem should get solved, because as far as I understand it, it will automatically lower the intensity of workouts following a FTP bump to “ease you in”.

As its not fully released yet, you could just do the same by hand - lower intensity by ie 3%, then next week by 2%, and so on.

The other question is, which workouts did you struggle with, sweetspot/threshold type work, or suprathreshold/vo2max? The answer might help finding out which test works better for you.

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Don’t try to hack the ramp test. You cannot out-think the TR team. Just do a proper long FTP test. I recommend the Kolie Moore baseline test.

As suggested, once you figure out how much you over-test you could figure out the correct percentage of the ramp to use. Or, just continue to use longer tests.

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Except that percentage changes with training, like it did for me. The relationship between 1-minute power at the end of the ramp test and actual FTP depends on both anaerobic capacity and VO2max. So better off just always using a TTE test. Bonus is that if you’re a ramp-test over-tester, I can almost guarantee that a TTE test will be way less painful!

Agree, the 20 minute test is a excellent measure to base your training on. I believe ramp tests were created to help people test more often, I’ve heard others say that the have less anxiety about it in comparison to the 8, 20, or 60 minute tests. The 20 minute test is really the sweet spot for testing, plus it’s excellent practice for pacing. My favorite opportunity for 20 minutes all out is the Zwift Time Trial Tuesday, it brings the competition element into it which is great motivation to give it everything.

This. Can you back into what % of the ramp test the 1 hour test gives you and use that? Or to make the math easier, divide your 1 hour FTP divided by your TR Ramp Test FTP, and just use this as a factor for future TR ramp tests.

For example:

  • Your 1 hour FTP = 225
  • Your TR Ramp Test = 250
  • “True” FTP to TR Ramp Test factor = 0.900
  • Your next TR Ramp Test gives an FTP of 275, so multiple this by the 0.900 factor to give you a “True” FTP == 247.5

The nice thing about the kolie moore test is that it is a ramp test. You start off for 10 minutes at 92-95 percent of target FTP. If that is a fail then you only wasted 10 minutes. If all is good, then you do the target wattage for 15 minutes. That should feel very doable. If not then the target was optimistic. If it was good then you can increase power and go for a higher number.

I found pacing this easier than the 20 minute test.