FTP gains from base phase?

Hi everybody, I have just completed the base phase program and I know for sure I have gotten stronger in the saddle. Where I was a little surprised, was seeing that my FTP went from 195 to 199. I’m a very healthy / active 32 y/o male, 6ft 2 at 195lbs (Down from 199lbs when I started) and right now hovering around 12% bf. I am due to start the build phase today and perhaps this is where I will see FTP increases. Regardless, is it uncommon to hardly see any increase in FTP with the base phase?

FTP questions (small increases, flat or dropping values) are one of the most common in this forum:

Short answer, anything is possible and we don’t know enough about you or your training history to make any predictions (as to whether what you got is high, low, or average for that phase or what to expect from the next phase). People see different levels of changes in Base or Build and there is no way to predict progress.

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