FTP estimate and goals after IF increases

Hi guys, i’m just finishing off SSMV2 and have been smashing most of the TR workouts. In order to change things up, I did a indoor group class yesterday which was catered towards enthusiasts, and on a Keiser M3i, so probably more accurate than my gym’s wattbike.

My NP over the 1hr 10min class was 317, TSS 121 and IF 1.02. My current TR FTP is set at 310, so i was wondering 2 things.

  1. What level should my FTP be at? (i’ll do an 2x8min test next week)
  2. Do you think it’s reasonable, given my progress so far that i could get to 350 watt by YE?

Jan, 19: 250 @ 102kg - untrained
Mar, 19: 281 @ 94kg - TR SSBMV1
May, 19: 300 @ 90kg - TR SSBMV2
July, 19: 315 @ 89kg - finished SSBMV2
YE goal - [350 @ 87kg]

I think you’ll get a decent bump… maybe even in the 330W’s… sweep stake time! :wink:

As to getting to 350w by year end, 4w/kg traget?.. if so, same here! It depends on when the plateauing kicks in! It will do at some point but for now, know one knows. Until you start to level off for same training efforts and then gains of 5w between tests are big gains :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, some great weight loss and FTP gains there, don’t let the levelling out put you off. Even if you have dips, keep at it and enjoy.

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Bear in mind you’ve changed power measurement device so those numbers may not match up with what you usually train on.