FTP results-gains and disappointments

I have just taken the SSB MV 2 ramp test. FTP: 239. This is an increase of 8 watts from FTP ramp test prior to start of SSB MV 1 program. I was quite diligent in keeping the training plan tho did do long hard outdoor ride on weekend instead of a couple of the 1.5 hours TR rides.

I am touch disappointed in the relative lack of increase but not broken up about it. I started SSB MV weighing 89KG and have dropped to 83KG so my watts per kg has gone from 2.6 to 2.9.

I am muscular in build and have been riding for many years; however this is my first attempt at any real sustained training. Anecdotally, while my FTP gains may not be huge I am much more able to keep close with front of my local group rides and getting PR on long climbs; so I can see great improvement in overall cycling capacity.

My goal is to get to 4W/KG within the next 12 months and 3.5w/kg within 6 months in preparation for Taiwan KOM. I will look to drop to 80KG which means I will need an FTP of 320–an increase of 80 watts. This gain seems tough to realize given I just added 8 watts after first 6 week program but never say never.


which edition of the KOM are u going to attempt? i am planning to attempt again in 2020

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Don’t get too hung up on the numbers. They will come on their own. Trust the plans. Trust the process. Do the work. Get lots of rest. Clean up your eating. The watts will go up and the kilos will go down.


Couple of questions, what is your power source and what test did you do?

Regardless of that if you remain consistent with an eye on progression the increases will likely come. One thing I have noticed in the past with other riders is although they ride lots and develop the ability to ride lots they don’t know how to suffer or really push themselves on so don’t develop at a rate you’d expect.

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The biggest gains are often in the Build phase. Sweet Spot Base work prepares the body for the Build phase. You’ll need both to see solid and lasting gains.


I was intending on the spring edition. Be great if you joined. I live in Taiwan so have virtue of not being too far away.

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Thanks for the feedback and insights

I use an elite direto smart trainer for power source.
I did the FTP ramp test from Trainer Road.

Gaining even small amounts of power while losing significant weight is a good achievement. Look at it this way - you improved your W/kg by over 10% in 6 weeks. That’s awesome, and no wonder you’re setting PRS on climbs.

No idea if 4W/kg is doable in 12 months. I can almost guarantee that even if you get there it won’t be a linear progression - you’ll likely hit some plateaus along the way, maybe even see a drop in FTP while other metrics are improving, maybe you’ve got more weight to lose than you think and 300W at 75kg will be a more realistic way of hitting it. Try to enjoy and trust in the process, absolutely keep track of the numbers but don’t beat yourself up if you’re progressing more slowly than you’d hoped.


Well said! Appreciate the good words.

I’m in Taipei. If you’re ever up this way for a ride let me know.

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I am waiting for them to announce the dates. Should be in March right?

From 2.6 to 2.9 is phenomenal. I would kill to improve that much in a few short weeks!!


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Echoing other comments. Disappointed with 10% bump in w/kg in 6 weeks? Bonkers

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Thanks. Much of that gain is attributable to weight loss, which proved easier with paying attention to my calories.

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Congratulations! It’s definitely hard to lose weight AND keep your FTP level.

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A gain is a gain, take it and rest easy buddy.

Losing 6kilos during a 8 week base period seems to me to be a substantial weight loss? Ensuring adequate fuel together with adequate recovery for the body to cope with the adaptations you are asking is key.

Make sure you get your diet dialled down for the build phase as the TSS score goes up as does the stress you are placing on your body and there’s little room for error before you start digging yourself a big hole and illness takes over

Not disappointed with the gain in watts/kg. Disappointed with the increase of 8 watts in ftp. Was expecting bit higher given what I think of my muscle strength etc…

Any suggestions from experience as regards diet during the build phase? I am starting SSB MV2 so will be in this for next 6 weeks then move onto a build phase.

Fair enough but an 8w rise in 6 weeks would be considered good if you’re maintaining weight. Doing it while losing weight at 1kg per week is excellent.

Muscle strength doesn’t equal aerobic fitness so I wouldn’t look to much into that side of it. It can help but a power lifter wont get on a bike and have a massive ftp off the couch.

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One important point here is that your replacing the TR weekend workouts with ride, that’s fine but the weekend workouts are the most important!
I’ve taken the approach this winter of dropping to LV to make sure I complete all the workouts and add additional outside rides in as well, haven’t had a retest yet but I’m feeling much better/stronger.

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