New to TR - just started SSBLV1 - update

Newbie to structured training

Hi there,

Just signed up to TR having been spinning on IC7 bikes from July '18 - March '19, generally twice a week 45minute ‘Power Ride’ sessions. I was coming off a fairly low/average level of fitness when I started as I run once or twice a week and do circuit training once or twice a week. Trying to snatch time to do workouts has always been a challenge as, like most, I have a busy life with work and other activities.

I have never followed any form of structured training plan but instead pretty much went all out either on the spin bike or when running, always trying for PB’s or maxing out. I am a 45 yo male, 5’10”, 82 kg’s c.180lbs. (I could definitely lose 10-15lbs of fat:grinning:) Tested my FTP back in July '18 @202 and in January ’19 measured @228. It has plateaued since then with my April FTP being the same 228.:confounded:

I’ve been listening to the Podcasts from TR and decided to give a determined effort to follow a structured plan and see an improvement in my results (FTP) First goal is a 3w/pkg which would equate to 246 FTP and then continue building from there in both increasing my FTP and losing lbs…

Reading your results in the Forum is very motivating – I hope to add to them in the future.


Just thought I’d add a quick upudate to my original message.

I’ve now been training for 13 weeks, SSBLV1, SSBLV2 and now starting Short Power Build. I have found some of my weak points, such as high cadence VO2 max workouts but overall I am enjoying the ‘science project’

Better still, I am 3.5kg (Approx 8lbs) down in weight and my FTP has gone up from 228 to 247 with another ramp test due in 10 days time. If I continue to stay healthy and stick to the workouts prescribed in the plans then this should be an interesting year. When I first started training my 1st goal was 3wPKG, now I am eyeing 3.5wPKG.

It’s hard work but so worth it when you can see the results creeping up


Keep up the good work! :muscle: