Advice on estimated FTP

Hi everyone,

Was just looking for some guidance. Around a month ago, I finished the General Power Build HV plan after completing both SSBHV I and II in consecutive order. Across that time period (~5 months), my FTP has gone from 321 to 343.

As I just wanted a break from following a plan, I just started doing low intensity endurance rides but then attempted two train now workouts (1 x V02 and 1 x threshold) which were “productive” and would have been increase my levels by 0.4-0.5. I failed both of these workouts despite being fresh which I found a little odd but thought I just needed to get “accustomed” to this new FTP which I have also done the past.

I have just started SSBHV 1 again and just did my first “productive” workout yesterday (after a week of achievable workouts) which was “Mcgregor -1”. I have attached the post ride stats which in my opinion, looks quite intense for a sweet spot session this early on in the plan.

For reference, my max HR is 182 and I was sitting around 170bpm for the majority of the intervals.

To me, this looks like more like threshold session but keen to hear if others have experienced something similar.

Should I just stick with it and let AT do the rest? Is my estimated FTP a bit high?


That session looks like a SS session to me, hard but doable and you did it :muscle: Only if I’d had failed sessions like that regularly would I’d doubt my AI FTP D. I’d just stick with things just now and let AT and AIFTPD tweak things if its eventually needed.


Why would you think this is a threshold session, it looks to be a significant amount below ftp?

Because he’s riding at a HR that i would call threshold heart rate. But that’s maybe a question for the OP. What’s your HR normally when doing work around threshold? And how did this workout feel?

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I agree!

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That’s 93% of max. I’ve seen threshold HR from users here around 90% of max (±2%) and often advice for VO2max workouts uses some proxy like 90-95% of HRmax with a goal of maximizing time there.

So I’d share your concern and to me looks more of a THR session or that 182 is not your real cycling HRmax.


This workout was definitely moderate for the most part but the final interval for each block did challenge me quite a bit!

HR usually does get into the 175-176bpm range during threshold sessions but I have noticed I tolerate V02 max workouts better than threshold from experience.

As mentioned, I did try a recommended V02 max session and threshold session that I should have been able to complete but both destroyed me (especially the threshold session).

Yes, this is what I mean and for additional information I felt fresh this day, well hydrated, well fueled, etc.

182 is the highest number I have seen on myself and it was at the end of V02 max session with 5 minute intervals.

I’d go off of what @HLaB already said – Sweet Spot will usually be challenging but manageable, so it looks like you’re nailing it at the moment!

As you work through your plan and respond to post-workout surveys, AT will make sure you stay dialed in.

Awesome progress and keep up the great work!

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I have to agree and disagree with others here.

That’s a perfectly reasonable SS session that shouldn’t be overly taxing. It sounds like you’re riding above a typical SS intensity though.

It may be you need to ride into it again, as long as you are doing the survey response correctly, you should be ok.

Just remember an SS session shouldn’t leave you shelled like a Threshold session might.

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There might be something in this:

Was this break a week or longer? If longer, this could just be the usual post-recovery period rustiness and you’ll be sorted soon enough.

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Thanks Liam, the surveys definitely help and even if the sessions are closer to threshold, it’s not really the end of the world I guess.

Another thing I noticed though is that at the same workout level, a 90 minute sweet spot session is far more taxing to me than a 120 minute session even though the latter has a higher TSS. Check out the comparison of the two below workouts (the 90 minute one was a 5.8 but was “very hard” whereas the 120 minute one was a 5.9 which felt far more manageable to me).

It’s like I handle multiple sets of moderate intensities but as soon as it starts creeping into the 92-93% mark, I’m definitely being pushed close to my limits!