FTP and Annual training hours: Share your numbers

If you riding your bike, you are hopefully having fun.

That means you had more fun than most people :wink:

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223 hours.

2.2w/kg (power measured at the tire)

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What app is this?

New to the forum and always curious to see others numbers and all that. Super rad to see so many folks with 3-4w/kg FTPs who train so little! Way more impressive than others with higher FTPs who do 10x as much training.

2017 annual hours: 590 (hampered by 1x race crash and 1x hit by car)
2018 annual hours: 690 so far
FTP 365w 5.5w/kg (heaviest I’ve been in a while)
Recently had a DEXA scan and was 9% body fat so I think it’d be fun to play with diet and see if I can lower my weight without losing power.


220 hours on the bike this year. Started using TR in November so mostly unstructured.

4.14 w/kg based on pre - SSB Low Vol 1 ramp test, due to re-rest next week.

Happy with that given a new baby this year and plenty of health interruptions. Going to set myself a slightly ambitious goal of 4.5 w/kg in 2019 with the help of TR.

My FTP and w/kg peaked in August at 267W and 3.89 w/kg (I started at 238/3.31 in January and cycled through SSB1/2 MV - Ironman LV build and peak). Now back to 230/3.36 after three months of taking it easy and focusing more on my running.

Until today I spent 156 hours on a bike, about 1/4 or 2300km riding outdoors for a total of 19,366 TSS

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Looking at my Strava account for 2018…

4.2 w/kg
Swim - 74 hours
Bike - 282 hours
Run - 118 hours

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So far in 2018, but hey… there’s still a week to go!

511 hours (bike)
32,000 TSS
4.06 w/kg

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52, been doing this since 1981. I had been sitting on 4.5 w/kg for a few years, training 475-500 hours a year. Two years ago I bumped that up to 600 and have kept that volume up since.

2018: 594 hours and counting. 504 on the bike, 90 on the Concept 2. FTP peaked in June at 4.75.


You must be like a pro!! 5.5w and 9%!!!

hi pretty new on trainer road

420h 53m ftp 251 = 4Wkg

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Aiming for the 4w/kg & FTP of 300 next year

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2018 TR Hours: 125
FTP: 250–>300

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Currently FTP 273, 3.96W/kg

Looking to get back to somewhere close to 4.2-4.4W/kg but at 48yrs its getting harder every year

Inspired by fellow TR users her though


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176 hours
3.5 w/kg
252 FTP

Power for the year was good (for me) last winter, poor most of the season, and is picking up again as I’m doing base now. My training consistency and hours followed the same pattern.

This thread been been dominated by the “high watt/kg” end of the spectrum. Remember that Nate posted some great stats about average watt/kg here: The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users? - #124 by Nate_Pearson

I’m curious what the folks on the left side of the bell curve are doing? In my case: Got back on the bike in August after several years of putting on weight and not cycling. Did ~100 hours of unstructured riding (mostly commuting) over 3 months, then started structured training at the end of November. Was 95kg and 214 watts FTP (2.25 watts/kg) at the start of the structured training.

Goal for 2019 is to get over 3 watt/kg and make it to the right side of the bell curve :-). I can get almost all the way there on the “kg” side of the equation, so I think 3.0 watts/kg is reasonable.


36 yr old
6ft 2
291W ftp (3.80 w/kg)
201 hours so far this year.
Pretty much all low vol plans plus 1 commute or Petit type ride a week extra

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134 hours- Joined trainer road last spring
Have gone from FTP of 125 to 227, 2.9w/kg.
I did a couple mountain bike races last year but am looking to up the volume a bit this coming year and try my hand at some Marathon MTB races in addition to XC.


A quick update as I’ve just completed a full year and started this current years SSB1:

Full 2018 on TR:
Total time in saddle 282 hours
Start FTP 146W - 2.09 W/kg
Finish FTP 226W - 3.23 W/kg

Maybe 4W/kg is attainable in 2019 :open_mouth:


48 yo, 3.7 W/Kg, 300 hours in 2018 (my highest total in recent years).

Wife, 2 young kids, job, commute, house, yadda, yadda, yadda :rofl:

I’d love to reach 4.0 but several years into TR structured training I’ve never gotten that high and the gains come in very small increments. I’ll keep trying though!

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