FTP and Annual training hours: Share your numbers

The greatest fitness gains seem to come to those that train in greater volumes. What is you FTP in watts/kg and what is your annual training hours?

4.0 w/kg and I should hit 300 hrs this year

Just checked my Garmin Connect account…

TR FTP/kg: 3.65
Training hours in the last 12 months: 216 (only 70 cycling, the rest is running/swimming/strength)

3.24 w/kg and 233 training hours over the last 12 months.

currently at 275 hours total: 152 bike, 90 running, 33 swimming.

Now that I started logging TSS in all three sports, looks like I’m in the mid 500’s during base period, was mid 600’s during build, and was a little bit lower during peak/maintain since that was a fair amount of intensity.

Sitting at 4 w/kg, should be able to reach 4.5 for next season.

I have 436 hours on the bike so far this year (10/12 of the year) - so I’ll probably hit 520 hours in 2018 and am at 4.65 w/kg

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I’ll top out at 400 hours and I peaked at 4.5w/kg this season, but I’ll say about 50-75 hours of that is easy commute riding to the train station and back.

I’m shooting to put another 50 training hours onto next season and we will see where things land.

4.4 W/kg
260 Hours (projected) this year with about 75% being Trainer Road. Planning on hitting 300 hours annually for 2019.

2017 - 274 Hours FTP set at 300 all year, roughly 4.2 w/kg. No FTP test undertaken, just set on feel and power taken from rides / training sessions.

2018 - 241 Hours so far, FTP set at 300 still, (it’s probably nearer 310) 4.55 w/kg. 1st ramp test being done on Tuesday. I’ll probably do another 50 hours over the next couple of months, would be nice to hit 300 hours, I won’t chase it though.

I don’t do many longer rides so my hours are lower to most people, but I’m pretty sure the IF will be right up there!

480 hours
56 yrs old


3.8w/kg, 139 hours so far this year, 35 years old

3.1W/kg. 139 hours so far. 41 years old. First full year training



Currently at 377 hours for the year, 24 YO

320W FTP, 3.3 W/kg (kg’s are going DOWN!! hope to get up to 4W/kg by next summer) and about 240 cycling hours in the last 365 days (~4.5 hr/week) plus swim/run etc.

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  • 2011 - 205 hours
  • 2012 - 141 hours
  • 2013 - 87 hours
  • 2014 - 92 hours
  • 2015 - 26 hours
  • 2016 - 95 hours
  • 2017 - 149 hours
  • 2018 - 320 hours (should hit 380)

So as you can see my consistency is terrible. I started TrainerRoad one year ago today with a FTP of 221 for a w/kg of 3.25. I’m currently at a FTP of 270 for a w/kg of 4.43.


2017 – 0 hrs/200(?) FTP
2018 – ~60 hrs/307 FTP
2019 – ~270 hrs/??? FTP (sure better be waaaay higher than 300 for 200 more hours of training!!)

219h, currently at 3w/kg

I put that down to inconsistency, I’ve got a few huge rides in there 12/18/24 hours long etc. and some extended periods of inactivity.

Garmin says I have done 378 cycling hours so far in 2018. TR tells me that has come via 298 TR workouts and 16 outdoor rides. 4.34 w/kg (332/76.5)

what was your FTP w/kg when you started training

for me this is my second year training. No training before that and I am 39 years old. My current FTP is 3.4W/kg

245 hours this year.
FTP of 280. 3,85 wat/kg.

Next year I want to put in more hours and break the 4 watt/kg barrier.

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Bought my first bicycle in May 2016, only started to put some effort into riding by Nov 2017. Joined TrainerRoad in Sep 2018 and did my first ever FTP Test end of Sep 2018. Last Ramp test I was at FTP 274 and 97.5kg = 2.81 w/kg. Weight is dropping fast and today I am at 93.5kg, cannot wait for the next Ramp Test!

2016 - 66hrs
2017 - 119hrs
2018 - 289hrs so far