Return to Trainerroad after short break

Hi all,
Approx 6 weeks ago I completed SSBLV 1. i found it challenging but doable and managed to complete each workout without lowering intensity or bailing. In between the workouts I did some recovery and endurance outdoor rides. Since finishing SSBLV 1 the weather in the Uk has been pretty good and Ive done the majority of riding outdoors. Ive tried to incorporate HIIT, SS/Tempo and endurance rides with the occasion TR workout. I have increased TSS week by week and I feel stronger than I did at the end of SSBLV 1.
Im taking a recovery week this week but with the long range weather forecast looking bad Im thinking of a new TR plan. Should mention that Ive been road riding regularly for 6 years and not new to structured training. Not sure whether to redo SSBLV 1, do SSBLV 2 or one of the build programmes. Sorry for the long winded post but could do with some advice.

Plan builder

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Thanks for the response. How does plan builder work if I have no event planned?

I haven’t tried this but I would start the process, not enter any A/B events and see where that leads you. If nothing else, if you don’t like the result you can always delete and start over :slight_smile:


I dabbled with Plan Builder early in the year but wound up not using it much because even with B and C events in my calendar it was having me do a bunch of HIIT workouts and mentally I was at the point where I just wanted to focus more on long, steady efforts a la SSBLV I&II.

Were I in your position, I would go into SSBLVII next unless you have some events or goals coming up that warrant jumping into Build. Seems like with everything cancelled you have time to continue with SSB and then see if it’s time for Build.

I’m currently on my 3rd go-around with SSBLV (I did SSBLV I&II, then jumped back into SSBLVI when everything got cancelled/postponed). Normally I would do SSBMV but I’ve been incorporating a lot of weight training into my base plan this time. Earlier in the year I was able to mix in some gravel races, one 6 hour mountain bike race, and The MidSouth with this plan and it worked out well.

Hope that helps.

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I’m in the UK too and know what you mean about the forecast. I used the builder just to get faster, without a future event in mind.

So I’m doing sweet spot base 1 then 2, general power build, then climbing road race. I’ve done this before and gave me good general fitness and strength for riding with the club and for some events like tour of Flanders, roubaix , etape. Good for the Peak District too.

Climbing road race is a tough speciality but very rewarding

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Would move onto SSBLV2 if I was you. Certainly doesn’t sound like any need to repeat SSB1. But probably a good idea to get back into more structured training before taking on a Build plan, particularly the VO2 Max progressions in SSB2 which set you up nicely for Build.

And sounds like a good chance to try out the TR outdoor workout feature on the days when the weather permits!