Does a higher ftp setting affect ramp test outcome?

My younger brother recently did a ramp test accidentally using my ftp setting (298w), his end result jumped up by an entire 31w. Does using the incorrect ftp setting heavily skew the final outcome, seeing as it ramps up differently?

I’ve wondered this as you will reach your current actual FTP and then 133% of your current actual FTP (typically the 21 minute mark?) sooner/quicker so possibly less fatigued?

Yes it would.

Technically the ramp would start at a different place if you have a 100 ftp vs 300.

How do you set it? i use the phone app, i dont recall ever being asked to adjust it. it starts low, but not checked what it starts at each time my FTP increases. Does this auto correct each time?

His FTP would have to be VERY different for this to make any significant difference to the outcome.

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The start of the test is set to 46% of the starting FTP.
Each step is set to add 6% of the starting FTP.

Starting with a higher or lower value will change the effective “warm up” effort and the amount of power at each step. This may have some fatigue impact on the rider. But TR said they tested with high and low FTP at start, and still got similar results.

Changes may exist based on a person’s ability to handle either a quick or slow build, so some variation could exist, in theory.

One thing to ask in this question, is he using the same exact power measuring device, trainer, bike and related equipment in this most recent test as he did in the prior test?

Even changing gearing (assuming Ramp in ERG mode) can have a notable impact on the results. Point being, make sure you know ALL the potential variables, what was the same and what was different.

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