First ramp test, where to start FTP?

My wife has decided to give TR a try. She needs to do a ramp test but has no clue what her starting FTP is. I don’t want to start with a level that is very far off so she can have a good test. She’s 49, not super active but not unfit either. Weight is about 120lbs (53kg).

TR used to have a default 2W/kg so in your wife’s case that would be 106W. The ramp test doesn’t really need an accurate starting value (within reason) so dropping that by 20% won’t make much difference to the result of the test, she’ll just take a little longer to get to her breaking point.

Doesn’t really matter. Just go to failure and you’ll get a fairly accurate starting point.

Thanks. Hopefully she sticks with it. She has been getting more into riding