First Post ! New TR user, Strength Training, Dirty Kanza 200, Track Cycling Racing


I’m an new subscriber to TR and I want to thank this incredible inclusive community. I’m a fairly regular youtube watcher of the ‘Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast’ and I made my decision to subscribe from the incredible and fruitful topics that are discussed. Additionally, the humility and good nature of Nate, Coach Chad, and Coach Jonathan is refreshing.

I’m mid-40’s, long time cyclist, once a road/track racer and recently (last year) have started to train again in earnest. Going back about 10 years to my fittest, (training roughly and consistently 8-10 hours a week), I was 160lbs (sprinter “phenotype”, with a FTP of about 300 watts and V02 max always relatively low, but always 5 seconds to 1 min power always a strength (whether trainer or not).

I have 2 very conflicting goals for 2019. I interested in a personal challenge of doing the DK 200 (June 2019- it’s a lottery, so I’m not guaranteed an entry and will know sometime in January). The demands of this challenge are in conflict with my natural relative strengths but that’s the point. I want to do something unfamiliar and way outside my comfort zone. My goals would be lofty too- trying to achieve top 10% in my age group category.

However, if I don’t get in, I plan on racing the track (season begins in May).

I just finished the first Base Phase (Sweet-Spot Base #1 Mid-volume) and loved it! I’m about to start #2 .

Q#1 regarding strength work (I have a relatively long history of incorporating strength work with my cycling). But, should I be solely focused on heavy weights and low reps ( 3 sets of 5 reps with squats, deadlifts, ect) or Muscular Endurance work (same exercises but sets of 15 reps)? I realize the value with strength work (regardless of cycling goals) at my age. However, what emphasis will translate more to DK 200 or will incorporating both styles be helpful?

Q#2: Should I get into DK 200, what program should I partake in after my 6 week current mid-volume sweet-spot base? I’ve read numerous articles about spending as much time at my aerobic threshold (not even sure of that HR number (heard it’s 30 bpm subtracted from FTP HR) in an attempt to produce as much power at Aerobic threshold as the DK200is more about limiting fatigue for 12+ hours. I’m not sure TR programs specifically address training for DK 200 or aerobic threshold or if that particular approach is not even fruitful. In terms of training time, I will never be able to spend more than 10+ hours a week cycling.

Again, thank you to TR and this super awesome community!

Some existing references with good info: