Dirty Kanza 200

Any experienced TrainerRoad users out there getting ready for DK200? I’ve read through the explanations of all the training phases, but it’s only 20 weeks to race day…wondering how to modify the plans to work with the short time frame!


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Worth review.

Essentially, start at Base (12 weeks) and complete Build (8 weeks).

Otherwise, if you are already in progress of a plan, work it as far as you can and leave room for the necessary taper that you need.

Existing DK discussions.


Thanks for the quick reply! I was considering just doing Power Build and Century since I have a decent fitness base already…will review the article first, though!



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Yeah, Sustained Power Build plus Century Specialty are the best prep.

Also, this episode covers DK.

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Thanks Chad! Appreciate the guidance and insight!



So I’ve started Sweet Spot training and was wondering if I should be doing the endurance variants of each workout or stick to the primary workout? Since this is my first DK200 (finished DK100 last year right at 12 hours), my goal is to finish within the cutoff time. This is also my first time using a structured program vs trying to crank out as much mileage on my own and hope that I’ve done enough by race day!

I would recommend the longer endurance versions of the weekend rides to help familiarize yourself with long hours in the saddle. Getting used to spending a lot of time on the bike will be crucial for a race as long as the DK 200, and long rides out on the raod can help you dial in your fit, nutrition and hydration plan as well.


+1 to this. In the U.K. we have the dirty reiver, a 200k / 3500m homage to the original event. I’ve been riding it since it started in 2016 and getting your kit, comfort, nutrition, hydration and bike reliability dialled in before the big day are critical to having a (relatively) stress free event.


I’m fully stuck on the trainer for the foreseeable future. Ill be extending the Saturday and Sunday rides for sure. Either doing the longer versions, adding an extra workout, noodling on Zwift, or taking workouts from the HV plans.

I’m itching to get out on the road for some miles but the forecast doesn’t go above - 20c for the next 14 days. Ugh. It’ll be a while before it’s worth getting out there.

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So DK2019 is about 4 weeks away and I have trained exclusively on TR. Sweet Spot high - Sustained Power high - Century high. I also do training criteriums on Tuesday nights. I did two 50 mile gravel races in March (100 miles and 11K ft of climbing). Next weekend is a 100 mile gravel race with 7.5K ft of climbing.

I am REALLY REALLY hoping that my TR training will work…

I have a huge racing background and really like the mindset of coach Chad in the design of the program - as well as the podcast but until you do the work and the reflect on your performance you really don’t know…

I’ll say this though - the last 24 weeks of training have been fantastic; I really like TR - keep up the great works guys.


@zbuttar & @gclimbs61 - good luck and have a great time at DK200. My friends that have done it successfully including winning the Fatbike category say that it important to stick to your plan and pace and don’t get sucked into going to hard too early. Stay fueled and hydrated.