FTP and Plan as I move forward


I switched to Trainer Road 3 weeks ago after using another software for Nov-Dec… My RAMP test result is that my FTP is 265. An increase from 244. I am currently into SSB2 Mid Volume. Rides have been great if based on Target Power in each interval…I do not feel any training stress in the sense of burn etc…which has me thinking something is not right–but then I think this is BASE.

Should I RAMP test again?
Should I up the cadence and work towards Target Power?
I have a few weeks in SSB2 left…should I finish at this FTP and then Ramp test prior to the Build?

I had a hub power meter last year until I bought my new bike in June. Trek Domane SL9–Disc Breaks with Thru Axel and lost the power meter to my son on my old Specialized Tarmac Sl-4. That means I am on a Cycleops Fluid 2 with estimated power.

I raced for 9 years and then moved from UTAH to Pennsylvania. I am planning a trip to UT this July to show my girlfriend my old rides and plan to hit Alpine Loop, Little Cottonwood, etc…then rest a few days and ride the Desperado Duel on July 27. DD is chip timed and I would like a good time but as I have learned, would like to maintain solid power output over riding Anaerobically and blowing up.

I really enjoy trainerroad over other indoor programs and I am telling everyone about it and the podcast. The podcast helps me in many many ways and yes…I like the fact nothing on the screen during workouts says “FAILED”. It keeps me motivated to work hard at getting the target power, but I’d say I am in the RPE 4-6 on this SSB2MidVolume. Help…

I’m sure that some people have great success with the Fluid 2.
With my particular Cyclops Fluid 2 I wasn’t able to have fun on zwift and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to do TR. The virtual power was way too low. Some may be way too high?
If you skipped SSB1 and are able to do SSB2 without really having to push than something is wrong. If you’re really lucky it’s simply that your FTP is too low.

In my experience SSB 2 is hard. Certainly not impossible…but the work easy is never considered and rpe way above 4-5!

NSSB2MV is hard and the hard workouts should be hard. In some cases, HARD. A couple of suggestions:

  • Ensure your rear tire pressure is the same for every ride and that the resistance setting is the same every time.
  • Don’t worry too much about your FTP using TR’s virtual power. It’s not real, just has to be consistently measured to work. If everything is right, the workout RPE should be fine.

I’d guess it’s something to do with inconsistent setup.

Thank you all!

Keep in mind that consistency and precision are the most important variables when training indoors. Even if your VirtualPower readings are not 100% representative of your outdoor power, you can still reap the benefits of training with power as long as you use the same trainer and VirtualPower curve for each workout. Doing so means your results will be comparable, and you’ll be able to track your progress.

As mentioned above, try to keep the following variables as constant as possible:

  • Same Tire Pressure
  • Same Tire tread
  • Same Resistance Roller Pressure
  • Same Trainer
  • Same Power Curve

Happy training!

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Moved FTP up from 265 to 275 manually just to see what would happen… Now I am in a better zone. Honestly, I did the RAMP test a little too long. Today was on target RPE and Watts.

Recorded PSI and Resistance. Good to go for now! Thanks Bryce.