Pulling workouts from intervals.icu

Hello everyone,

I use intevals.icu for detailed workout analysis. My coach also creates workouts for me on intervals. The problem is there is no easy way to get workouts from intervals to trainerroad. The workout creator software is archaic and time intensive. And you know what they say. Time is watts.

TR said on one of their podcasts that a significant percentage of their users are coached athletes. But they only allow Training Peaks to push workouts to their app. I have used TP in the past and it’s not worth the money for me.

Now before somebody says that I don’t need TR if I am not using adaptive training and the workout library, the ease of use and polish of the app makes it worth it for me. I have tried other apps to control my trainer but they are all sub-par. And I like the TR team and want to support the company.

However, not being able to pull workouts from intervals.icu is starting to annoy me. I have seen this topic kicked around the forums for a couple years now and still no progress.

Are there any other intervals.icu users out there or is everybody else on TP? I’m hoping that by starting this discussion enough people will chime in for TR to take notice and finally make this happen.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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I use intervals ICU. Maybe we should suggest this to the support team.

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Sorry, I know what you said about other apps, but have you tried the TrainerDay app, it’s fairly similar to TR, and pulls directly from interval.icu (workout of the day) and is $3.99 a month, so it cheap enough to subscribe to both

(Sorry to pull the conversation in the another app direction)

That’s what I have been using but I don’t like it so much. Too many shortcomings and compromises.

@DennyD Yes. Please contact customer support and let them know your interest.

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I asked for this recently and no update.

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Apologies, this is not currently on our roadmap but I’ve passed this along to the team again for consideration.