Plan builder - mv/lv changes

I just finished build part 1 last week. Ready to start part 2 with new ftp. I would like to play a bit with lv and mv depending on time available.

How can I now - taken into account current lvls -see recommended workouts for second part of lv ? Mv is already in my agenda. Should I just plan build with a date in the past?

To further clarity - would be helpful if I can see recommended lv workouts for week 6 of mv build. Is this possible?


If you’ve used Plan Builder you can go into your calendar and adjust the volume of individual sections of a plan - click on the name of the phase and you get a dialog with the option. Works best before you start a give phase though, I’ve never tried it mid Base or Build so don’t know what would happen!

You can also look at the plans themselves, we all get served up individual variations now which presumably are based on your current abilities. I don’t know whether you get anything different if you look midway through a phase.

The second option is of course non-destructive.

I think if you go to the build plan you’re considering in the app you’ll see the workouts as they’d adapt for your current PL.

Go Training Plans > Build (specific to what you’re doing) > Low Volume

And it’ll show the plan through the block with the workouts (on the standard layout)

Thanks - But only the first week of build is valid right, because assumes I then start? When I am for instance at third week, the third week workouts in the builder / workouts are assumed to take place 3 weeks later.

Well yes, potentially the workouts will increase with your PL. I guess you could click on the workouts at the sixth week and look up alternates at the WL you’d expect to be at based on.

Sorry I didn’t provide the solution I thought.

I’ll note that changing from one volume to another changes the plan, not just the volume. Meaning, you’ll get different workouts and perhaps very different intensity levels to accomplish your same A and B ride goals with the different volume or time you have available. I experienced this when playing with high volume vs mid volume to the point where the program essentially switched from a base group of workouts to a build group. May be different for you if you aren’t using AT or have goal events programmed into your workout plan. More in this thread High Volume vs. Mid Volume - Not just volume and time differences - #9 by Pbase

Interesting - thanks for pointing out