Should I change plan?

With the ongoing plan change thread and the AT presumably coming online sometime soon it got me thinking about maybe changing my current plan. Background: Leadville is A race, Wilmington Whiteface is A- race. I did a plan builder with that in mind a bunch of months ago with mid volume and I am currently in the middle of build phase. I frequently find the intensity a bit much and outdoor riding will be ramping up in my area pretty soon (like in the next week or so). I will probably still be riding 5 days a week, just with more outside. I was considering redoing the plan builder with a low volume plan as I should be riding outside quite a bit more soon, but would like to keep the key TR workouts.

So would you: re-run the plan builder with low volume, keep what I’ve got and just drop/sub in outside workouts, or something different?

My concerns with re-running the plan builder is that it would take me back to base, which I think I am past at this point. Maybe someone could clarify if this is how it would work

I believe you can go into your current plan and just swap out future blocks for LV so that you wouldn’t have to redo the whole thing. You could also go in and toggle some of the workouts to ‘Outside’. I’m not sure if you are saying that you plan to do your structured intervals just the same but outside instead of inside or that you are just going to be riding outside with groups or unstructured. But if you are finding the overall intensity/volume a bit too much then I would probably drop down to the LV and then pad the extra time/volume with some easier Z2 time.

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you can just go in and change to low volume. Just pull up the notation from the start of your build and make the change to low volume there - use the drop down.




I didn’t realize this was an option, thanks! I think this makes sense as if it’s not working out I can switch it back

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Btw. I was playing with plan builder and realized that some of the changes are better to be done just on the first day of the block