Feature Request: Allow a connection of TrainerRoad to HealthFit App or allow fit file data export to Apple Health

Have you seen this recent blog post? https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/18794325276443-Connecting-TrainerRoad-with-Apple-Health

Is…is it possible?

@IvyAudrain we good now? Can you stop creeping on my lack of cycling now? :smiley:

From my understanding that is only for pushing workouts to an Apple Watch. TR still does not send workout data to HealthKit. Currently TrainerRoad only reads from Health - no option to give Health the ability to read from TR in settings.

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Nate in another post (I can’t find it now) said they are working on pushing completed workouts to Apple Health. Which I’m very much looking forward to than my current hack: TrainerRoad → Garmin Connect → Garmin Connect → Apple Health. But this is clunky, and to get the Garmin Connect → Apple Health sync to happen I have to open Garmin Connect on my iPhone, so very much less than ideal.


MFW my request outlasts 50% of the podcast hosts


I’m looking forward to this feature as well. Going though Strava for Activity rings is not ideal.

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