Export Workouts to Headunit for outside ride

With summer around I train 90% of the time outside and find it hard to stick to structured workout without having the workout on my head unit. I recreate some in a FIT builder but…

To manually rebuilt Workouts like grassy ridge is very annoying - many intervals, short periods, you end up sitting infront of a FIT workout builder for 15min just to redo the work that was already done and could simply be exported. All data is already there. Part of the reason I pay here

Why is there no option to export/download my workout as a FIT file when I select “ride outdoors”? I am paying a yearly fee for the trainerroad service and am starting to be inclined to just switch to trainining-peaks. Yes, no AI stuff but it would save me so much time.
Even in winter I sometimes like to just throw the workout on my headunit and ride directly from there without the iPad around.

When I contacted support they actually encouraged my thoughts of switching to trainingpeaks or another service that offers downloadable and ready to go FIT workout files:
“Supporting head units is not our priority” and suggested I “jot down” the workout to remember the intervals. So I should work out from a sheet of paper?

That is very disappointing and clearly comes from somebody who has never done intervals outside or they would understand how ridiculous this suggestion is in 2023…literally every other training service offers syncs to garmin, wahoo or hammerhead.

I would like to understand why we customers are not being offered the ability to download the workout manually and when I can finally sync the workouts to my hammerhead or Garmin if the team is stating its not their priority. If it’s not happening in 2023 just say it clearly and I can leave.

TR sends my outside workouts to my Garmin head unit with no problems.

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What about hammerhead?

I don’t think so, at least not easily. This is a thread on the Karoo and outside workouts.

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We are not able to export TR workouts to Hammerhead head units at this time.

As @HLaB already mentioned, we are able to push TR workouts to Garmin and Wahoo head units with Outside Workouts.

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