Mirror TrainerRoad from phone to smartwatch? For outdoor workout

I would like to train more often outside with TrainerRoad. But I do not like it to have a smartphone strapped to my bike to use TrainerRoad. It’s aesthetically unpleasing and cumbersome.

So for me (and hopefully for you as well) is would be great if I can see the workout and intervals on my smartwatch. This way I can just leave my phone in my back pocket but still see the current and upcoming intervals with my power output.

Is there interest in the TrainerRoad community for this feature?

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There are requests for having the ability to transfer workouts to head units (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.)


I have had a few issues w
My ANT connectivity. As such, I have been creating the wk outs for my head unitin case I am having one of those days. :roll_eyes:
I only do it fo the complicated wk outs.
So, you could do this for yourself already.

The response of TrainerRoad was that that was not a feature which they would add to their roadmap.

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If you have a garmin head unit you can use garmin connect to create a workout that is identical to the TR workout. It takes some time but isn’t too challenging. Not ideal, but functional for outdoor use. Make sure your garmin settings like FTP etc are the same as your TR settings.

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This is also something I’d be very interested in. I’ve built them on the wahoo app and sent them to my headunit. Works just fine except on gradual ramps usually where it eases you into a new power output over a minute or so but it still works.

I do this with the swim work outs. Build it in garmin connect and then download it to my watch. Works the same on the headunit. Took about 10 - 15min the first time i build it, but now i can do it in a couple minutes.

What wahoo app are you building the workouts in? I currently have done it with Training Peaks but didn’t know there was a way with a wahoo app.

With their subscription model It’s understandable why they wouldn’t want to allow us to export workouts to our head units. You could basically get all of the workouts for your plans downloaded and then cancel.

However, the idea of mirroring the workouts from the iPhone app onto the Apple Watch seems like a no brainer to me. You would still be using the iPhone app as the source of your workouts, but the data would show on the wrist. They could even utilize the vibrate function to alert us of the 3-2-1 countdown before changing intervals.

For me this is definitely one of the best things about the Zwift companion app. In that case it’s not showing the targets on the watch, but it is using the watch to bring in HR data. No need to have TWO heart rate monitors on with Zwift in the way that TrainerRoad forces us.

Currently, the lack of watch support is my number one complaint with TrainerRoad and the more I think about it, the more I may have to reduce my five start rating down to four stars for this oversight.

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Whoops I lied it was Training Peaks.

It’s easy to put TR workouts on my Garmin Edge 520 if I decide to do a workout outside. Only takes a couple minutes to do this in Garmin Connect. For example I did Geiger+2 outside:

You need to tweak power zones in Garmin Connect to match TR, on mobile it’s located under More… Garmin Devices > Edge 520 > User Settings > Power Zones

The important items:

  • set FTP to match TR
  • set % FTP

Then whenever your FTP changes in TR, open Garmin Connect and change FTP value only, the zones will be set automatically.

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I agree that it could be problematic for their business model however I wonder if it would be possible to only be able to sync one at a time from the calendar based upon the day the ride is scheduled. That way if you don’t do the ride that day it is removed from the device and marked as skipped.