Export workout to Garmin Edge unit


It would be great if it was posible to export a workout to garmin Edge and then have the option to do the workout outside. I know the correct route/road outside is nessesarry but I have a long almost flat rute where it is posible to do a 1,5 hour workout.
Is this something that would be possible for you to make or even better is already an option i just havent seen in the trainerroad program :slight_smile:

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Yes I too would love to see this feature.

I will start my training plan in the next few weeks as the dark evenings are setting in, but generally I can still get outdoor rides in at the weekend and would love the option to export my planned workout to my head unit instead of having to create it manually

Option: Quadlock, smartphone & TrainerRoad app.


Yeah good thinking, guess that would work with the benefit of the visual display too

So just confirming here gang. No way to export a TR workout to any platform such as Garmin Edge, Wahoo Elemnt, etc.?

I’m assuming this may come down the road but TR has to be careful related to becoming a competitor of Training Peaks and losing the licensing of TSS, CTL, ATL, etc.

I utilize TP and create my workouts in there which auto sync to my Bolt and then control my kickr BUT also control my laps, targets, etc. on outside rides too. There is no reason for me to use my phone and TR to follow a training plan and/or workouts on my inside rides as my Bolt does it which is also what I use on outside rides. There is no way in hell I’m riding around with my phone attached to my handle bars.

Anyway, export and auto sync for workouts to Bolt, Garmin would make a huge difference. Most likely I’ll just stick with TP but TR is getting closer with some of these other functions.

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I’ve taken several TR workouts and created in Garmin’s workout tool, and used on the road. Personally I’d love the option of either:

  • having a TR app running on Garmin Edge units to do workouts on the road
  • export as workout and import into Edge via app or otherwise

I too would like this feature. I live in the UK and I am lucky enough to be able to ride outside most weekends.

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Same here, would be great to have a quick way to use the Workouts on my Garmin Edge.


I recon for simple workouts, it isn’t that difficult to remember the length of a particular interval, where press of a “lap” button is sufficient.

Even for something more complicated (say 40/20), it is still quite doable to get the approximates right without having to rely on an automated workout.

In all honestly, given the fact that we’re so hooked up to computers while doing our workouts indoors, our approach to outdoor rides should be a lot less strict.
I mean, so what if you don’t nail that interval down to seconds (or even minutes), as long as a general structure is in place, you’ll get just as much of a benefit.



Sign me up, I’m getting a power meter for outside, and this would be great. Otherwise I just have to try and repeat the ride manually. Not easy. I’ve been struggling with how to stay within the training plan while riding outside-overall TSS is not the answer. It needs to be the right stress.

But how would you see where you are on the workout like you do on your trainer? You know the yellow line and the time?

Having the Garmin provide audio prompts actually DOES help me enjoy the ride more. I don’t have to remember to keep checking a stopwatch, watch the power number, or remember the current target or interval number. I can zone out and look around, because the Garmin beeps when attention is needed

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I’m guessing this feature isn’t likely to materialise soon. For those that want to follow a yellow line on an exercise profile, Garmin’s graphics display isn’t sophisticated enough.
As for exporting TR workouts to the Garmin workout system, workouts are kinda TR’s secret sauce and the ability to export them as files would allow anyone to copy them - they’d basically be giving them away.

However, Garmin Connect has a workout creator. You can set target power, HR or cadence zones and the head unit will given you a visual display of where you are vs target. You can build a workout in Connect quite easily.
I don’t think it’s quite sophisticated enough to cope with some of TR’s workouts, for eg where power ramps slowly up or down, but for relatively simple workouts though like sweet spot O/Us it would work fine.

Using the step notes in GC may provide some assistance in reminding you to ramp up/down, rather than just hitting a single static interval target.

Would love to see a connect IQ app for garmin if you can’t get the export to work. Similar to training peaks, I could sync the two and see the workouts straight on the device as if it was a structured garmin workout.


This is a big one for me as well to move away from TP. I live in Canada, so during the winter months, I follow the TR training plans indoors on my trainer, riding on both TP and Zwift at the same time (TR for the workout, and Zwift for the distraction). During Spring and Summer though when I want to be riding outdoors most of the time, I do my workouts during my commute before or after work, so would love to have the option to have the daily workout show up automatically on my Wahoo Elemnt for me to follow.

My workaround right now is as follows:

  • plan my key events for the year in TP using the Annual Training Plan (ATP),

  • go into TR and find my base/build/specialty plans to work around the events,

  • Plot those workouts in my TP calendar, creating the individual workouts as needed in the TP workout builder,

  • TP then automatically syncs the weekly workouts to my Elemnt to follow out on the road

I figure that if TR could find a way to autosync the planned workouts to the Edge/Elemnt devices that would pretty well be an all-in-one solution for TR. TP still has a market with coaches offering training plans for sale on their site.


I have too, but I tell you Garmin PVI is terrible relative to some other platforms. . It’s like that across all their devices. Just painful -especially in workout creator. Even in the Garmin connect on a computer.


I would love this tool just, just like TP. I do not want to pay for two subscription for the same thing. I want to keep my workouts in TR and sync them to Garmin Edge for outdoor rides. TP has this tool and it works great.
Wonder why TR could not do the exact same!?