Everesting and vEveresting Interest Poll

Trying to gauge interest in a TrainerRoad Everesting attempt. @mcneese.chad has offered to help with organisation and we have members like @Dick_Dylan who have recently succeeded and have a lot of advice on tap. If enough people are up for it then we can ask our overlords here on TR to accommodate us.

  • Everesting only
  • virtual Everesting on Zwift only
  • Flexible, up for either option
  • Hardcore, up for both close together!

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You can even treat yourself to a Hells500 jersey if you succeed and make it into a relatively small club (3200 people worldwide only), although I think if the interest was large enough maybe a TrainerRoad Everesting jersey could be produced through the Rapha Custom program. [EDIT: TrainerRoad branding is off the table]. That would be dead posh and covetable but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Links for those unaware:

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For the record, (and based on our Disaster event) I don’t expect TR to take part, support or authorize any TR branded event gear.

The T-shirts that we had were specifically void of TR branding (at their request) other than the workout profile (and we got approval for that).

The support they did was allowing us to use the forum for organizing and information sharing. They mentioned it on the podcast, but did not recommend or support the event specifically.

I expect the same for this or any other community event (unless TR jumps in and decides something different). We need to hold the reins and follow the example from the Disaster day.


Oh yes, didn’t think of the branding issues there. No worries, I’m sure we can come up with something interesting if there was demand for it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Branding is no issue using “tRainer rOde”, :wink:


While this sort of madness definitely appeals… I’ve run the maths… and no way :smiley: Maybe after I get to 4w/kg :smiley:


I keep thinking I’ve got a hill next to my house that I could do this on. Probably a solid 2km up, gradient probably about right, but lots of traffic though there is a dedicated bike lane. The proximity to the house would make it practically “supported” if I did it that way.

Still, the reality is a vEveresting on Zwift is probably the smart way to go… if there is such a thing. :smile:


8 interested riders in a day, wonder could we get to 20. Then accounting for dropouts, we could be seeing a maybe dozen people attempting it around the same time. Doesn’t sound like much, but considering it’s a massive undertaking it’s pretty good!

What do you guys think about an early August date. Some weekend? Gives people a lot of time to prepare, get A races out of the way etc. Gives it time to grow and take some shape?

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August is hottttt…but I’m down. Been wanting to everest for a while and August is a good time training-wise. I’m doing a 200k in a few weeks with about 15kft of climbing, so that should be a good warmup.

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Keen for this if I can fit it in with my schedule! Early august is going to be mid-build for me

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It will be a nightmare I think for this reason, pretty much everyone here is on a plan and most of us have no clue what sort of recovery time an effort like an Everesting would take and how to taper into it, then recover and get back into our plans.

Definitely need some advice on how to proceed there… we got 20 guys interested already and I bet if we set a solid date and it started looking more legit then more would sign up too as hype took hold. We’ll all need to know we can work it into our training in some way (I’m also on build atm).

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I momentarily played with the notion, then I saw this infographic and I that was the end of that. Good luck you crazy bunch :fist_right:

Bumping this for visibility and wondering how it would be organised on Zwift. People would love to start together I reckon but time zones are a bottleneck, and even within the same time zone you have people wanting to start at different times. If we had a bunch of start time per time zone, you might only end up with 1 or 2 people on the start line each time making it a bit of a wasted effort I’m thinking.

Maybe just one really early start time per time zone and let people join when they want as you can now join group event late. Not sure how late you can join an event though…

Anyone have any preferences on dates for real or Zwift Everesting?

Disaster day worked well with staggered start times, a few of us did it around the volcano and found there was a bit of overlap, people at different points in the workout and it didn’t distract from the experience, it helped the time pass fast and I appreciated the support.

Alpe du Zwift I imagine will take between 1.5hrs to 2.5hrs per climb, (low IF), and at approx 1000m+ per climb, it’ll be approx 9 climbs. So I would imagine there will be plenty of overlap on the climb with staggered start times. Most who do Everesting I would guess do it as a solo rider, so even if you have one more doing it on the mountain at the same time, that’s a 100% more support there… anymore will be a bonus. Even if you start together I can’t see anyone riding in a group, it’ll be like an Audax, you should always go at your own pace.

Suitably tagged names and we’ll know who’s who and give each other support and updates on what isn’t aching yet! Would guess also that the chat will work for all on the mountain, else there’s other ways like ‘discord’ (Never used it yet).

As for dates, there’s only one week which I couldn’t do, summer holidays. I’m sure lots of us are in the same boat, the sooner something is pencilled in the more chance of finding a good date for all and getting training placed around it. How much notice do people need as I’m sure this will impact on training.


Just had a look at the vEveresting Hall of Fame. Only 219 people have managed it!

@FatherDamo2 agree, we need to pencil in a date as soon as possible so everyone can get organised…

I wonder if vEveresting would be more difficult to complete in some ways, just because there’s not that sense of desperation there because you have a choice to just get off the bike and go sit on the couch. In my hotel, the bed is right next to my trainer. I wonder if by climb number 5 of AdZ, would I just want to crawl in there? Dunno.

But then you don’t have to wear a helmet, controlled environment, it’s basically a supported ride, less chance of any kind of mechanical derailing you, and you could watch movies, sports, whatever, as you went.


Yes, there are pros and cons. I think a vE could be harder for many people that don’t tolerate inside rides well.

It’s many, many hours on a trainer, and I know some people who couldn’t take it, but could handle outside for the same time.

They are just different.


Yeah stick me in this camp. I can play outside all day long but I’ve had to bail on 100mile group rides on Zwift. Just never made it to the end of one. It’s just too full on, no micro recoveries and humidity/heat I think is my biggest issue there even though I’ll have two Headwinds on with windows open etc. It’s also really uncomfortable after a while compared to riding outdoors.

A century outside though… that’s a walk in the park.

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Did a 2x AdZ in 2018 with TR controlling the trainer–Allegheny stretched into a ~3:40 ride plus a couple of breaks. While I have Ev/vEv on my bucket list, not this year for me.

But a century outside is not yet a walk in the park for me either. (Or maybe the 98F high that day had something to do with it. :hot_face:)

I saw a guy doing a charity vEv on the Volcano Climb in late 2017/early 2018 (don’t think it was his first). He’d ride for a while, take a break, ride more, repeat until done. Other Zwifters would join him for a climb or three and cheer him on. Pretty sure he had off-bike support too.

Just some quick approximate calculations

1036m @12.07km
Av Gradient=8.5%

Av Gradient= 3%

Was thinking it would be better on a smaller climb, more people to see and interact with, but the distance increase would have me question it, thought the Kilometers would go by faster its a higher target.

I’m sure someone mentioned a sweet spot being around 10% for distance and gradient for Everesting? Guess it all comes down to average speed for the gradient you are doing, some experimentation might be required on a personal level…

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I would lean towards AdZ, because there are typically more people on it. There is also constant climbing (compared to the flats and downs on Zs other climbs, so it should be more efficient from a time and distance perspective.

Gearing is more important though, so that would be a consideration too