Recommended talking points while wearing a TrainerRoad kit

Often times I’ll wear my TrainerRoad jersey while I’m out on a group ride, at an organized event, or while I’m outside doing intervals. I’ve had enough people come up to me and ask about TrainerRoad that I wanted to hear from the TR crew what you’d like us to tell people. I know that word of mouth can be very powerful and I always do my best to be extra friendly while flying the red and black, but any extra guidance on an “elevator pitch” would be appreciated.

(cc @Jonathan @Nate_Pearson @larry)

If they race against you then tell them to use zwift instead. :joy:



If you care about race results and want to train as effectively as possible then TR is right for you!

If they value the above, then telling them how TR has made you faster, or how it’s made your friends or people you know faster, then that’s the best sell.


What Nate said is ideal. If you share your experience, that is always best!

I can say I got very giddy when I recently heard a relative explaining TrainerRoad to a friend over the holidays as “A full-service training solution for cyclists and triathletes” (I feel like I should have paid the guy!) instead of mentioning something like “It’s an indoor training tool”.

Our focus is to build the best way to make cyclists faster, and that is a much larger effort than just an indoor training app.


This is perfect, thanks!


I’ve got 10 people to join the ranks!


Thank you!!