ERG Mode - Wattage too high

Hi all,

I did my first ramp test today on my Elite Direto XR using ERG mode, but there seemed to be an issue throughout.

Throughout the test my power was being held at up to 50W higher than the target for the ramp test.

To note, I have calibrated the turbo trainer on the Elite app and the trainer road app, and tried other trainerroad workouts on both my laptop and android phone with no difference.

I kept my cadence as steady as possible throughout. It seems the ERG mode was working but was not setting my power to right value.

I may be doing something wrong so any advice would be much appreciated. I have attached a link to the ramp test.


Wow that is weird - I do not know why that was happening

If I was in your shoes, I would contact TrainerRoad Support off the main homepage


I think I found the issue.

The wheel circumference in the Elite app was set too low. I have increased it to match what is in the trainerroad setting and now the power is holding around +/-3W of the target.

I will continue to monitor it just in case it isn’t actually fixed permanently.

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