ERG ramp test values too low

I did two ramp tests in ERG mode in the last two months, which both gave weird results. I am now not sure whether it’s due to me just failing the test or something is wrong from a software/hardware perspective. Obviously, I hope the last but I’m not sure.

In both cases I had the issue that I am not able to still generate the required power values of the threshold, while I still feel fine (to the extent that’s still possible in a ramp test). Today, I tried to solve this by increasing my cadence considerably as I noticed the problem. Alas, to no avail. It feels completely different than failing previous ramp tests: then I was completely wasted. Now, I have the issue that I still have a few minutes left in the tank.

Coincidentally, I am using an ANT+ dongle since these last two ramp tests on a desktop. Could this be an issue of the ERG mode itself failing on me? Or am I just getting worse?

maybe a trainer issue?
Do you feel like just spinning and no more power comes out the the trainer?

At what point in the test does this occur? Which trainer are you using? Post a picture of the workout?

Thanks for the fast feedback. Its not that suddenly all resistance is gone. More that the resistance is at the same level and does not increase. Like I did not get the update from TrainerRoad to up the resistance so I am pedaling at the same level.

Its occurring when I am close to my max but not on it. Like two ramp steps before.

My setup is a Tacx flux 1st generation with ant+ connection to my laptop. I think I am going to try in a few days without ant+

Are you using any other apps that might control your power like Zwift?

No. Zwift is turned off

Thanks. I meant a picture of the ramp test workout itself, from TrainerRoad.

What wattage is this, and is it consistent? Supposedly the Flux 1 has a 1500W ceiling.

Hey Artois. Welcome to the forum.

What do you mean when you say you can’t generate the required powers?
Is the trainer unable to match the target watts?

Erg is unforgiving when it works properly. Something as simple as changing gearing can make or break an interval.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. @Rosscopeco i indeed mean that the trainer does not generate the watts although I Kept the same cadence and even increased it to try to reach the right levels.

Below a picture of the test itself. It’s not that I maxed out my trainer. I am not that good :blush:

That would make me very upset if the ramp failed twice right at the end of an assessment.

That looks like somethings not right with the trainer. Maybe worth shooting a message to TR support.

I had the same issue And after some testing I concluded that the problem lay with the trainers. Contacted tacx and got a new unit.

I tested using a workout in the tacx app (power vs neo pedals I believe). Once I hit around 260 -280 watts I could not get any higher.

The workout/test is 17mins and in erg mode of course. You work through some 2min blocks with a max of 300watt.

Did you update the firmware?

Hope this helps…

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I think it would be this too, though I’ve not experienced it @Artois

Try setting an ERG workout at that wattage, make a simple one with a warmup, and then a hard start (spike over it briefly, and then settle) to that wattage, and see if it can hit it and above. If it can’t reach it, then for sure, it’s a trainer problem. Just a quick test.

Use the TrainerRoad Workout Creator.

Happens similar often on Tacx Vortex when I’m in low gears, so I’m usually in a higher gear to avoid this issue. Not sure what’s causing it, would be interesting to see if there is a solution.

I think similar problem discussed here - Tacx Flow Smart power problems

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What gear are you in?
It does look like you max out your trainer. unfortunately, it’s not that your are too powerfull, but all trainers have sliding limits based on cadance and gearing, so maybe you should just change your gears and your fine.
So in the example there, you could only hit 500 watts when your are in 39:19 @ 85 rpm.


Thanks for all the tips. From what I read, it could indeed be that I am maxing out my trainer. Didn’t know at all about the cadance and gearing limits in ERG mode. Thanks @nvalphen! Yesterday I was in a 34:19 @ 85-90rpm and could only hit something close to 360 watts.

I will try it out later today to see whether it makes a difference or not. Lets hope third time is a charm. Frustrating indeed to fail close to an attempt but at least, thanks to you guys, I have potentially a solution!


Make a workout, don’t have to do the ramp test until you’re sure it works.

Yea I have a kickr, and I notice when I get into the easiest couple gears, power gets wonky. You just arent moving the wheel fast enough for how much resistance it is facing. Shift up a few gears and it should smooth out.

I notice this at the end of hard intervals sometimes…I have a tendency to downshift when my cadence starts to drop from fatigue. It’s easier than trying to accelerate the wheel in the same gear…

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I tried it out (test workout and later a ramp test) and I can confirm that bigger gears indeed fixed the issue entirely. Problem solved!


as long as you are on EGR, just keep the bike on the highest gear… your trainer will take care of everything!

  • That’s not necessarily true, because some trainers need lower gearing to hit lower wattage values.
  • As such, some riders starting at low wattage may need a lower gear at the start of a Ramp Test, and then possibly be forced to shift to higher gears in later stages of the test.
  • Point being, there are trainer and rider combinations that require difference actions, so you can’t make one-size-fits-all claims.