Ramp Test: Pedalling Squares or ERG?

Using the Elite Direto on ERG mode and in the little ring I can’t quite tell if it’s just my form breaking down and I start stomping, or if the trainer is struggling a bit to hold steady. Could always be a little of both too I guess?

Stages G2 reports 43W lower 1 minute power too, though I’m inclined to believe the Elite…

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How accustomed to riding ERG are you? There’s certainly a bit of a learning curve with holding steady.

Also, what is Trainerroad reading power from (Stages or Direto) and are you using power match? I find with the Elite trainers, especially optical sensors, there is a pretty annoying lag between your power output and adjustment on the flywheel, leading to yo-yo’ing. My suggestion would be make sure your power meter is NOT paired to your Elite, and make sure TR is reading your Stages power meter with power match.

Lastly why are you more inclined to believe your Elite over your Stages? Should you choose to use the Elite, I would be very diligent when calibrating.


I have the same trainner. I wouldn’t believe your Direto is reporting correct power. Mine has been reporting about 30-35w higher consistently than my power2max type s (that has had a stable zero offset since I’ve owned it new). Note I don’t calibrate or do a spin down on my Direto ever minus trying to do it a couple of times when it was new (bought mine in March 2018.). Even then it was reading 5-10w higher than my power meter and the slope on a spin down reported drifted from the factory calibration number printed on the bottom sticker of my trainer.

But, for the ramp test I feel for me it’s a combo of both for erg mode to what you are describing. Once you start to waver cadence and steady power pedaling form then at the higher watts it starts waving up and down trying to compensate. Then the inevitable low cadence death spiral takes place if I let it drop more than 20rpm cadence from what I was doing throughout the ramp sets. Hard to recover for me from that on a ramp test. It’s even worse swings I find in the big chainring. But last 2 ramp tests for me were in the small chainring also.

I also tested out resistance vs erg for the ramp test early on when I first got my Direto thinking I could push a minute or two longer in resistance mode (to get a better test result). Turns out it was pretty much the same result for me as the ftp calculation were within a couple of watts of each other.


Pretty acquainted with ERG at this point, about 15 months into using it with TR - though only second on shiny new direct drive turbo.

TR is reading power from the Elite without power match. I think you’re right with the yo-yo and it’s certainly what I feel. It’s not usually a problem with steady state/longer intervals but for the ramp to exhaustion it becomes a noticeable problem with spikes well >50 above target. Will have a play with power match and see what that feels like. Would make more sense since I use the Stages outside…

I think here I’ve just fallen for newer = better. Though there is some strangeness happening as the offset isn’t constant, the Stages seems to drop off more with higher powers. Though at that point I’m in the dying stages and drowning in lactate, plus the Stages is single sided, more power = larger error to be doubled.

the dropoff in the stages(left or dual?) can be due to physiological differences too. The numbers might be similar at lower power outputs and higher cadences but most people will see shifts in power l/r balance at different outputs and cadences.

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I think you’re right, I’m going to have a go with power match and the stages and see what happens. Either that or end up moving to a different testing protocol since my last wheel-on couldn’t handle the ramp test either!

Bang on, since it’s left only, the doubling it does amplifies any imbalance at higher powers - certainly seems to when I plotted it out!