Lack of resistance for ramp test even with ERG mode

For the normal workouts, the erg mode works quite well, but I did a ramp test yesterday with ERG mode and after a few steps, my trainer was always 10-20 watts below the targetted watts for the step. For the first few steps, the gap was 5-6 watts but after a few steps, the gap started getting wider. The watts in steps were not even 70% of my current FTP so I was not a problem. I am using Tacx Flux S with TrainerRoad on iPad (with latest app and iOS). I believe this is a bug. How do you resolve this?

I think you will have to contact support if it’s a bug

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I previously had a Tacx Flux (not S). It had a annoying wattage floor and roof, and if I was in to easy gear it could not provide enough resistance.
As I remember I had to start ramp test in a quite easy gear, and then heavier gears after a three four steps to give it enough room to give sufficient resistance.

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This is far from ideal and you should reach out to support and see what they say, but, this behaviour you mention wont actually effect your FTP result.

Trainerroads calculation is based on your actual power output at the end - it doesnt factor in the target power at all.

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What gearing are you using?

The problem here is I constantly have to spin at over 100rpm. If I slow down to 85-90rpm (which is where I am the most efficient and comfortable), the power drops down, where as I expect ERG to kick in and adjust the resistance… The gap between the step target power and my actual power is widening. The need of constantly upping my cadence is killing my efficiency. I should contact the support indeed.

Hey @rah

I’m looking into this now. There are some strange lines in your ride log for your recent Ramp Test, and I’m digging in with the team to see if we can pinpoint what the cause is.

Stay tuned!!