Strength training and low volume plan

Hi all,

Recently started a low volume plan for a hilly Gran Fondo in June. Bike days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Does anybody have any advice on how to schedule strength training alongside? Also, best exercises without a gym membership.


I’m currently doing the same. I am doing Low Volume SS Base Mon, Thurs and Sat. I do a( total body strength workout on Tuesday. So far, it has impacted the Thursday workout ( why schedule a 90 min SS workout as your first SS workout?). The schedule is a work in progress.

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Hi, I’m doing the same as well, using LV with an extra workout on Wednesday. I’m planning to do my strength workouts shortly after my bike workouts, since I don’t think I have the time and flexibility in my schedule to separate them as much as possible as advised (when I have the time I will do so though).

So far my plan looks as follows:

Monday: Time Off
Tuesday: 1h Bike Workout + Core/Upper Body and Mobility work
Wednesday: Easy recovery spin (Indoors or outdoors):
Thursday: 1h Bike workout + Leg day
Friday: Time off
Saturday: 1:30h Bike workout
Sunday: Free ride indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather and how I’m feeling

Concerning the strength workouts, I just pick some bodyweight workouts from YouTube. As a student I can’t afford a gym membership besides the cycling hobby. Also, this is my first winter on the trainer following a TR Plan and adding strength work. So I don’t have tons of experience and maybe I will adjust my strength routine along the way.

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Low Volume plan riding T-Th-Sat. Lift weights for a hour on Monday and Wednesday.
Free weights at the YMCA,


What I’ve found to work well is do the bike workouts early in the morning, and then the strength workouts in the evening (same day). This way rest days are actual rest days.

I used to do my strength training on opposite days to the cycling workouts, but it just drove me into the ground with fatigue. 40 yo male. Ymmv.


I’m doing a TR low volume plan with 2 extra Z2 runs and 2 strength workouts per week.

Mon - rest
Tue - AM bike
Wed - AM easy run
Thu - AM bike PM strength training
Fri - rest
Sa - AM bike
Su - AM easy run, PM strength training

I originally wanted to have a 3rd strength workout on Tuesday evenings but that was too much for me. I also do some light prehab/mobility stuff on the evenings when I don’t have strength training. I think the strength training & prehab helps with injury prevention while the Z2 builds my aerobic base.

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It’s winter here in Sweden and I’m all indoors at the moment. Doing LV as well and currently have my strength days on my days off the bike but thinking about switching it up to the same days as my rides as I am feeling a bit fatigued. I wont be able to do as much strength work on my TR days as I am time constrained but I might give it a try.
Mon: rest day
Tue: TR workout
Wed: at home legs and core (lighter weights and focus on form).
Thurs: TR workout
Fri: rest day or core if I am feeling up to it.
Sat: TR workout
Sun: gym workout heavy leg lifts and core

I e-bike commute year-round but I’ve dropped that for the week to see if it was just that bit too much work. Feeling a bit fresher now so we will see.

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I’m currently in SSB LV 1 and I’m able to add in my strength training on Wednesday and afternoon on Saturday depending on the schedule. No issues so far with lifting after my 1.5 hr threshold workout. That may change as I progress but it’s nice having an extra rest day. I squat both days, alternate press and bench, then deadlift 1 set of 5 both days.

If time allows, I recommend riding am, lifting pm.

Just started SSBLV2 last week and added in some strength workouts

Mon - Rest
Tues - TR Workout
Wed - Strength
Thurs - TR Workout
Fri - Strength
Sat - TR Workout
Sun - Zwift Crit Race - short stretching session later in the day.

So far so good.


I don’t have a set schedule for my workouts as I work rotating shifts, however try to do M,W,F on the bike and T,Th lifting if possible. The bike workouts are my key workouts so if I miss a lifting session due to something then so be it.

As for lifts it all depends on what equipment you have at home. I am fortunate enough to have basically a full set of weights. My wife who loves power lifting helped set me up a program around the six major lifts Chad discussed in this article:

Other than that I focus around a 5-7 rpe for most lifts with reps in the same range depending on the week. We also added in other core work like single leg squat, planks, push-ups, etc.

I’m using this strength training plan since it’s simple, designed for use with limited home equipment (I only have a 16, 20 and 24 KG kettlebells) and has well structured progression.

For the winter I’m on this schedule.

Mon: Resistance Training (Bulgarian Split Squat, Push ups, and bent over Kettlebell rows are my main 3 movements)
Tues: Indoor Ride
Wed: Indoor Ride
Thurs: Resistance Training
Friday: Rest
Sat: Outdoor Ride (usually a longer group ride instead of a TR workout, unless the weather is bad)
Sunday: Tennis or Ride


This is pretty much exactly what I do, but Sunday is a group ride or Z2 endurance.

This schedule was actually recommended to me by Derek from Dialed Health, which is a good endorsement.