Can I switch from SSBI-med vol. to SSBI low vol. Mid plan?

I’m a newbie cyclist as of last July. I rode outdoors until Oct. and started Trainerroad at end of Nov. I thought, As per my volume of outdoor rides, SSB1 med vol. would be great but I’m struggling with completing the rides as scheduled because my legs are still cooked from the previous ride. I have yet to complete two back to back 90min sessions.
I also want to include weight training but I can’t fit in enough recovery for both.
I just realized you could dial down the intensity of each workout but I’m not sure if that’s the correct answer. OR Would it be better to carry-on with SSBI low vol. Instead?

I’m using virtual power and have an old school “dumb trainer” as opposed to a “smart” trainer

Hey Heather!

One key difference between volume indoors vs. volume outdoors is that the time spent on the trainer is “all business”. While you may have been riding a similar number of hours outdoors before starting TrainerRoad, your TSS is likely much higher after the switch to indoor training.

Since you are looking to integrate Strength Training into your routine, I would recommend switching to the Low Volume SSB. This will allow you to focus on nailing each one of your workouts without being “overcooked”, as well as give you the energy to complete additional strength training.

If you were not adding strength training, I might advise you to drop the Wednesday endurance ride to help lower your weekly TSS and hopefully improve your ability to recover from session to session.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply and the info! I love the app and all that it offers and my learning curve has been through the roof! This helps immensely and you are not kidding… Indoor training is all business! :smirk::+1:


I’m happy I could help!

Happy Training :fire: :fire:


Welcome to the club Heather.

I’ve been using TR on and off for a couple of years now and am currently in SSB MV1 but, due to work commitments have to do my key sweet spot ride Monday, over-unders Tuesday, endurance Wednesday and long tempo Thursday before hitting the sweet spot again (if I get time) on Saturday. By Thursday I’m pretty well fried and occasionally have to drop a few mins from the planned ride to get through so don’t feel you’re alone!

Keep up the awesome work and look forward to being FAST when you get outside!

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Also check your ftp. If you still cannot do the workouts lower the ftp a little and build up.

Thank you for your reply! It sounds like you are still killing it! I didn’t realize how hard indoor training was and what mental challenges it would bring to the table. It’s like I need an entire week of recovery to get through the next week of rides :smirk: I know it will come if i keep plugging away! I am sooo looking forward to be faster and stronger on the road! That’s what keeps me going!


My FTP is only 110 right now… I’m using virtual power and an old school Tacx trainer so I’m hoping this is wrong :wink: I feel like if i lower my FTP anymore the app won’t work​:joy:
I’m hoping my FTP is more like 156-176 based on Spivi and my spin classes but the percieved efforts I achieve at home with the 110 seem to be the same.

Dont worry about the spin class number as they are not the same. If the vp number is 110 then as long as it is consistent that is what matter.

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