Duathlon style training

I wonder if anyone could offer some advice on how best to use the TR software (or other alternative) to support my needs/interests.

So my No1 goal for this year is to slim down. My FTP is roughly 320w and it has been for a while so I don’t expect a drastic decline. It has wavered between 300w and 348w for a few years. I primarily run as I find it the most enjoyable form of exercise. I use a Stryd to measure effort for running.

At the moment I run two or three times a week.

I ride my gravel bike to my local Parkrun on a Saturday, do the 5k and ride home. During the week I will do another 1 or 2 steady runs (about 60min each).

I do have a second goal and that is to get an improved time at a 100 mile hilly sportive next May.

My dilemma is that, in the past when I sign up to a TR plan, I find myself missing most of the workouts because I’m either too tired from the previous run or I want to ride outside for pleasure. However I feel I need to have a plan in place otherwise I drift.

How would everyone else go about this? Low volume and sprinkle in some alternatives/Train Now? The problem I found before was that Train Now might recommend me a climbing or attacking workout the day after a long run and it just wasn’t the right thing. Sometimes even the endurance workouts would have a higher RPE that expected. At that point I’d give up and watch TV with a beer.l which is definitely not the way to slim down or train for an event. I got to the point where I just did endurance workouts. After time I’d get bored with this approach.

I guess I just want to know how to go about doing a low intensity, mid volume plan that covers a mix of running and cycling. Is it possible with TR?

I also focus on duathlon and have used the triathlon plans with success from TR, but delete the swims and also delete the runs for my own run plan. I focus on sprint duathlons and went to age group world champs last year off these plans with 3 runs a week, 3 cycle TR workouts a week (mod vol sprint Tri plan) and one day totally off.

At sprint level I think low volume is 2 rides a week and mid volume is 3 rides a week so gives some flexibility.

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Second vote for doing the Triathlon plans. Even if you arent following the swim and run portion exactly as intended the bike workouts are still of a level where you can complete them while still doing other activities.

I have done the Sprint Tri mid volume but am currently on Low volume because the two bikes and runs a week can be done in midweek lunches leaving me a day for strength training and the weekends completely free for family time. Having said that Family time does include parkrun and a fair amount of other physical activity so they arent “time off”.

Why does plan builder not offer triathlon plans?

Actually wouldn’t it be great to completely customise your plan so you can give an end event goal and then say which days you want to run/ride on and plan builder would then calculate the appropriate workouts.

Add in TSS from say a Stryd and I’d say you have an unbelievable product.

It does.

Everytime I do the plan builder it offered me low or mid volume sweet spot.

Do I have to ‘say’ that I’m doing a triathlon event in order for it to choose a triathlon plan?


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