Doing the base phase over and over while training for other sports? Alternatives?

Triathlon is my main sport but I’m currently training for a half marathon and a 5km swim. I do not want to neglect the bike so I was thinking of starting the base oly phase again (just finished it last week). My primary focus is staying injury-free during run training with a secondary focus on preserving bike fitness.

I should note that I am guilty of not having a strong running base hence the ultra-cautiousness with my approach. The swim is in about 6 weeks and isn’t much of a concern but the half marathon is in about 16 weeks

I understand your situation. Much depends on your personal goal for the half. As such, over the next 4 weeks, I would begin to ween yourself off the bike a bit so your runs are more in focus and you are properly rested for the harder run sessions. Swimming should be okay (within perspective), but you want to have fresh legs for your half training to avoid injury and give yourself to best possible result. So, if you want to repeat base phase while reducing bike volume, I think that would be fine.

My only goal is to get to race day as injury-free as possible. I’m not too concerned about swimming interfering much as this isn’t my first rodeo (swam 12.5mi last summer), but with the injury rates for runners I’d rather not take too many risks.

I’m thinking of following your advice and sticking to a low volume plan (oly low vol is 2 rides/wk) and doing the +1/2/3/etc. depending on my run training for the week

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I have no experience swimming (and very little running), but if i were you I’d use this time as an opportunity to ride leisurely outside if weather permits. Just have fun on your bike, explore new routes, maybe commute by bike more, etc.

Just a thought :).

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