Any way to sneak in running base miles without modifying cycling plan?

I haven’t ran properly in over 4 years and even then I was only doing it for a year.

I want to do a year of base running. Sounds ridiculous but I think if I only do base and gradually work it up I won’t have to deal with muscle soreness that would affect my cycling. I do a hard 20 miles ride outdoors today to test the TT bike for the first time and then I went for a slow 2km jog after.

I’m thinking this strategy can be repeated for every ride/workout. Just go for a 2km base run. Throw in a 2.5km base run one time the next week and keep building like that.

Is there a point where I can’t get away with it anymore? Like I progress to doing say 40km running a week and it will definitely affect my cycling?

Reason for this is I’m considering an Ironman as a goal in 2020.

Look into triathlete plans and drop the swim workouts. Running should be doable, just ease yourself into it.

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just run with the mentality that you don’t want to run far/hard enough to negatively affect your next ride. I try to focus on my FTP during the late fall/winter months and just try and go out and run super easy with no intensity. One year of this might get a bit stale, but really depends on you. 40km of running will eventually affect your cycling, that is time you are not on the bike, or recovering from a bike ride. Just something that triathletes accept, being a jack of 3 instead of a master of 1.