Does Plan Cadence/Start Day Matter?

I am doing Sweet Spot Base (Mid Volume) and the suggested schedule is:
Monday: Off - Tuesday: Sweet Spot - Wednesday: Endurance - Thursday: Sweet spot - Friday: Off - Saturday: Threshold - Sunday: Sweet Spot

But I adjusted the training plan to be:
Monday: Sweet Spot - Tuesday: Endurance - Wednesday: Sweet Spot - Thursday: Threshold - Friday: Sweet Spot

So essentially M-F is five straight days of workouts with the weekends off for rides and recovery.

Is there anything ‘wrong’ on how I am structuring my plan? I feel pretty good by Friday and I am usually good for an outdoor ride on either Saturday/Sunday with the other being a recovery day.

It all comes down to whether you can do 5 days in a row, feel good for the workouts, and not need a day to recover in the middle of the week. Might take a few weeks to figure it out, and be prepared to make the change, but if you can recover from the stress, nothing wrong with it.

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Makes sense. It has been going pretty well. But on Week 3 after Friday’s workout I was really feeling it and needed the entire weekend to recover so I did not do an outdoor ride. We will see how I do this week and if I feel the same on Friday like I did last Friday I will add a recovery day somewhere.

Depending on what your weekend rides looked like I would probably do something more like:
M - Threshold
T - Endurance
W - SS
Th - SS
F - Off/recovery
Sa - Longer/harder outside ride
Su - Off/recovery

The one thing that sticks out to me with your layout is the SS - Threshold - SS sandwich. You are pre-fatiguing yourself for your hardest workout of the week which you would probably want to go into fresh. So with my schedule above you will (hopefully) be most fresh for your hardest workout (threshold) and your longer, harder outside ride so you can smash a group ride or do a long endurance ride.

If your outside ride is typically easier endurance stuff then you might be able to get away with doing all 5 rides during the week. But if that ride has any sort of intensity in it then I would definitely drop one of the planned workouts for the outside ride.