Have to miss endurance ride, options?

I am on Mid Volume Sweet Spot Base 1, and my training days are Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday, with Tuesday being an one hour endurance ride. Next week is week 4 of the plan, and I have Lazy Mountain + 1 scheduled with 29TSS but I will be traveling on that day and won’t be able to ride. I see following options:

  • Just skip the ride and let AT adapt the next rides.
  • Given that it is a relatively easy ride, I think I could put it in on my rest-day tomorrow on Sunday without derailing my training next week.
  • I could just skip it and make sure to cover for the lost TSS by extending the cool down and warmup of the other 4 rides during the week by 10-15 minutes each.

What would you do?

The 4th Week is a recovery week. Just skip it and move on.


No it’s not on sweet spot base. This is a 6 week block.

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Skip it and let it adapt if needed


Think big picture. It’s one ride and it’s a recovery ride. If you really are concerned then add some extra z2 on to a ride or 2 to make up the TSS. You won’t derail your training in the long term.


It’s 29 TSS. I’d skip it. No point making other rides harder to make up for that small time/TSS that in the long run has almost no impact.


Thanks for all responses. I think you are all right and I’ll skip it.


Sadly, travel will give you much more stress and impact your plan more than that ride.

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I follow HV plans and I don’t skip workouts but rather rearrange the week to accommodate my schedule. So I would move that ride to your Sunday and have your travel day your rest day. It sets a mentality going forward in your training that adjustments can and will need to be made. It gives you the confidence to adjust the plan/schedule to life (which you should be doing) and an understanding how your body/mind reacts. Your current scenario is very minor and won’t have an affect either way you go. However, if you’re unsure about such a minor change during Base then future alterations will leave you less confident when approaching big races/rides/events.

Due to work/travel I’ve had move recovery days to rest days and schedule back to back difficult days. These changes are fine and your body can easily adjust. Recently I’ve just had to do this and it wasn’t an issue. Normally Mondays are my rest day, but I had to travel for work leaving Monday afternoon and returning Wednesday. Here was my schedule a couple weeks ago:

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No plan’s success hinges on the fate of a single ride, recovery ride or intensity session.

Life throws curveballs every once in awhile. Skip it and don’t worry about it.