Does AI FTP take fatigue/freshness into account?

At the end of a hard block, e.g. build phase, I know for sure my FTP is about to go up. With the old ramp test approach, I always felt that last week of easy endurance rides, besides its other benefits helped get fresh for the test.

Now I’m using AI FTP, I’m very curious (i.e. impatient!!) if I could peek at the number before that week of endurance riding. I know those workouts don’t change your fitness but they do leave you fresher. Would my impatience lead to a different/less accurate result? Unfortunately the restriction on frequency of AI detection makes it hard to know …

It won’t matter either way. The recovery week is based on your old FTP. So assuming your FTP has risen, you’re actually doing an easier week because theoretically it’s not based off your actual FTP.

If you choose to us FTP Detection before the recovery week your z2 could be a bit higher, but likely not enough to affect the next training block. On another note, that whole week should feel easy regardless on what’s planned for you.

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By week 5 my fatigue level makes me feel like I have no gainz

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I just hit week 5 on a mid volume plan and my legs were absolutely toasted even though week 3 I was rocking all of the workouts. On week 4 recovery I was okay but still felt very heavy in the legs. I had to dial back the first SS threshold workout to 90% just to barely get through the workout. If I had to take a ramp test I might end up with a lower FTP.

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Before the stricter restriction, and during beta, I sneaked a look before a recovery week, and at the end. I think it was a whole watt different.

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I feel the same way. I am on week 5 of a 6 week block and my work out sunday was ROUGH. I am taking my rest week a week early.

Thank you Macy. This is the answer I was looking for!!! A whole watt … such a dilemma :smiley:

The week of recovery is definitely helpful. I only did two rides last week, one of them an outside group ride at a social pace, and today I did Junction -3 which was pretty tough but the legs felt good.

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Thanks @crownan for linking that similar thread discussion.
Would the result be less accurate as a result of running the AI at a different time? Not at all! AI FTP Detection will account for either that rest week, or lack of rest, and provide the best result for that time; as a result of the work you have done.

I’ll reiterate what was advised in the AI FTP + Rest week thread:
Don’t forget that your FTP is just that: your functional threshold power, meaning: what can be expressed *right now. This is where Progression Levels and Adaptive Training as a whole really shine. Don’t stress about that rest week.

Dropping knowledge. :clap: