AI FTP Timing, Beginning or End of Recovery Week

Does it matter if you check what the AI FTP at then start of a recovery week are the day you were scheduled for a ramp test?

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I’ve been thinking about the same thing as I’m on a recovery week right now. I think doing it the day of/before your scheduled test makes the most sense. Let their algorithm factor in the rest you got before you start your next block.


I try to use the AI FTP as a true replacement for a ramp test. I don’t think taking a recovery week before hitting the button will adversely affect my FTP any more than taking the ramp test after did. Plus if I get a bump in FTP it doesn’t immediately also bump up my recovery rides. Having this button is a temptation but I prefer patience and just check on scheduled ramp test days or after last recovery ride.


I’ve asked this before and someone said no. I just say do what your heart says!

Well if you get a FTP bump, your PL will be nerfed (adjusted down) and then you have a recov week which may well trigger AT to lower some of your PL even more (it’s been 14days since you’ve done a SS workout so …).

I used to do my ftp test Saturday or Sunday of recover weeks, now that’s when I use AI ftp detection. I like knowing what my first workout will be in the beginning of a new mesocycle.

It could vary by a couple of watts. Which is probably less than the accuracy of your trainer :wink:

IT DOESNT MATTER HOW U GOT HIM IN! The, Rock, It, doesn't, matter, think! GIF

Just here to say I like this perspective a lot. :joy:

Don’t forget that your FTP is just that: your functional threshold power, meaning: what can be expressed *right now.
This is where Progression Levels and Adaptive Training as a whole really shine. Don’t stress about that rest week, ya’all.